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OOTD: Denim and Chiffon

Saturday, October 20, 2012

     I'm already getting the hang of taking outfit shot in public :D I found a new photographer in the presence of my younger brother ;P But this just came coincidentally since all the outfit shots he took was taken during his free time. If I'm saying that backlogs are piling up before (usually this goes with haul, product review and event posts) I think my backlogs are piling up again and this time for my outfit of the day. I'm a very shy and soft spoken person that's why I really feel uncomfortable taking pictures in public alone. I always want to take pictures in group or with my son and ze hubby. But now I can say that I'm slowly getting used to take my outfit shots alone anywhere :D

     Here's what I wore when I attended Kanebo's Radiant Beauty Makeup Workshop at Rustan's Makati last week. I preferred the morning sesh around 10 a.m. so that I can go home early and go straight to the dialysis center to look after my father. I had a great time during the workshop that I'll muse on my next post. For this outfit, I just decided to wear something that I think will look good on me but I'm not sure if they really "match". 

NOTD: China Glaze in Velvet Bow

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

     Yay finally! My first Nail of the Day post :D This nail polish came from the Let It Snow Holiday 2011 Collection. I did not purchase the entire collection. This is included from the Everyday Essentials Loot that I won from The Beauty Junkee.

     But first I will show you how my nails looks like without nail polish... I tried using the nail polish weeks ago but the application was very messy! I tried it thrice but it looks disgusting. I don't know what happened to its consistency because it had changed a bit. So I decided to go at my parents house and asked my sister Kc to do the NOTD for me. 

     I'm glad that she said Yes but this response took two weeks hence the delayed post. So here it is, China Glaze Velvet Vow in my sister's nails. I really envy the shape of her nails! It's obvious that she's the type who always take serious time grooming it. Unlike mine that is short and doesn't have a decent shape at all :(

     Pardon the chipped edges I forgot to tell her a while ago that I'm going to take a picture of her nails. She was doing the laundry when I visited my parents house. But still, the color looks great. The color looks vampy-ish :D Bella and Edward came to my mind when I saw the color on her nails.

     So whatchatink? Look at those nails, Me likey the shape and length of my sister's nails. I wish I can make mine grow like that but as I've mentioned before, I'm doing my mommy duties and I have no time painting my nails on my own.

     Thanks for dropping by! Hope you like this post. God Bless and stay safe guys :D

Good Times!~


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

     Can't think of any title for this post. Bummer! Hahaha XD I'm lazy to do a review. I guess it's because of the rain and cold weather. I want to sleep! If I can sleep all day without thinking of anything I'll do it. But I have to do my mommy duties first and just wait for Kenzo's nap time so I  can sleep too. I'll just share random things with you. Hope it's okay and don't worry, I'll be back with a review on Camaru Naturals' promising skin care products.

     During my college years, I'm fond of collecting body mists and perfumes. I'm obsessed with Victoria's Secrets Body Mist back then that I accumulated 10 bottles of that. My fave scents are Sweet Temptation, Passionate Kisses and Love Spell. I displayed all the empty bottles in my room but when I got married, I left them there and my sisters who occupied my room threw all bottles away. Boo! I never had a chance to take a picture of my collection before. So now even if it's only two bottles, I took a picture of them. It's not the VS cologne but two of my recent perfumes. 
Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio for MEN
Ralph Lauren Eau De Toilette
This is my 2nd bottle of Ralph EDT and the Acqua Di Gio is my first. I got addicted with this scent. I know this is for MEN. Hehehe!
     As for the scent, I will try to describe this with the help of the hubby. I'm not good at describing scents. Poor me! I'm not good at description and directions, Ugh :( Hehehe!
Another thing that I wanted to show you is my new nail polish set. This came from the Everyday Essentials Loot that I won from TBJ 3rd Grand Anniversary Giveaway! My sister who is addicted to nail polishes got excited when she heard that I won. I'm thinking if I'll make her as my guest blogger to do some NOTD and other random nail stuffs. I envy her because she can do her nails at home. I usually go to nail salon and spa to get my nails done. And take note, I just  ask the attendant to buff my toe nails and put some sheer color. I always fret to polish my finger nails because I'm not used to it. It's also a waste for me since I'm a hands-on mommy, nail polish will only chip after washing the feeding bottles and doing some laundry. So better stay this way, colorless finger nails ^_^

Let it Snow Holiday Collection 2011 (Ponsettia, Tinsel Town and Velvet Bow)
Icicle and a nail file
     I'm excited to try bold colors on my toe nails. I promise to make a NOTD post with the help of my sister. I just want to ask you if you want her to do a NOTD post too. I think her finger nails looks better than mine so I'll leave it to her. Thanks for reading and stay safe guys!

Good Times!~

Everyday Essentials Loot, Woot Woot!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

     Here it is, my much awaited prizes from another giveaway that I joined two months ago. It's from THE BEAUTY JUNKEE'S 3rd Grand Anniversary Giveaway! This is the grandest giveaway that I've joined and the prizes at stake are really awesome. I never expected to win because I know a lot of her readers are witty and sensible when it comes to their answers. I just expressed what I really feel and learned from reading TBJ's blog posts. So lo and behold, these goodies came home with me last Sunday. 
1. Covergirl Makeups- Lash Blast Fusion Mascara in Black, Nature Luxe Lip Balms in Hibiscus and Smoky Shadow Blast in Tempest Blue
2. Camaru Naturals Organic Soaps- Acerola, Rice Bran and Charcoal soap, Camellia Oil and an Eco Friendly Bag
3. China Glaze Nail Polishes- Let It Snow Holiday Collection 2011 ( Ponsettia, Tinsel Town and Velvet Bow), Icicle, Nail File and Nail Kit
4. Carmex Lip Balms- Lip balm in a Jar, Click sticks (Original, Strawberry and Cherry), Lip Balm in Tube 
5. Samples of L'Oreal Youth Code, Revita Lift and BB cream

     These are more than enough for me. Since I have 3 sisters and sisters-in-law, I decided to share it with them. I also told them to observe the effects of the Camaru natural soap so that I can chronicle their experiences to my blog. I already started using the charcoal soap and will share my reviews on one of post. 

Ze winners with Martha of The Beauty Junkee
L-R: Angel, Arriane,  Martha, Moi and Chan
*photo grab from The Beauty Junkee*
     Thank you Martha for this giveaway! More power to your blog. Continue to Inspire more readers :D I had a great time meeting her and the rest of the winners. 

Good Times!~



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