An Attempt to do an OOTD post

Thursday, April 19, 2012

     Last Saturday, we went to my mother's hometown at Lucban, Quezon to attend my cousin's wedding. I don't know what to wear. I rarely attend to special occasions that's why my wardrobe consists of only few dresses and formal wear. The hubby told me to wear something comfy and stylish but I don't know if I can sport this kind of dress. So I looked inside my closet and this is what I found:

dress: tulip dress-freeway

wedge: espadrille wedge-shoebox and me

shoulder bag: random brand

     This is my first time to do an outfit post. Wonder why my son is also in this photo? I'm sooo nervous! I don't know how to project in the camera plus we're only using my cellphone in this attempt. One more thing, I'm really shy and thinking that my flabby arms and hug logs legs will now be seen by many. Hehehe! Don't worry, I'm still thinking if I'll do this type of post again. I also noticed that this tulip skirt dress keeps on bulging in front of my stomach so I look like pregnant here.

     Pardon my poses, I really don't know what to do! That's all for now.

 Good Times!~


  1. I don't see any flabby arms or huge legs at all! you are pretty petite and slim! I love your red lips, it makes you look so hot! I thought pamangkin mu lang yun baby boy. You don't look like a mom at all. I like your shoes, really cute! You should really do more OOTD ^_^~ Maganda ka sis! =)

  2. @Janet- Thank you sis! Naku, kala ko may negative comments. Mabuti na lang nandyan ka. Kahit papano lumakas loob ko. Btw, I want to post something sa blog mo about the products you already used. I hope makapag comment ka kahit matagal na yung post. The last time I checked kasi may sira yata yung feed burner kaya di ko maview. Dami ko kasi gusto itanong sayo.

  3. Kath, sure!! PM mu lang me sa FB ^_^~ Stay gorgeous! =)

  4. @Rae- yes, the weather is really hoooot! Hehehe! Thanks :)

  5. @Marine Therese- Hello :D Thanks dear!


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