OOTD: Black and White

Friday, April 03, 2015

     It's been ages since my last OOTD (Outfit of the Day) post. Since the sky was clear, weather and the location was the perfect tandem for an outfit shoot, I decided to have another outfit post with the help of my blogger bestie Jen Maslang of

     This outfit is very simple. If you follow me on my social media accounts, I presume you've already seen me wearing these pieces. This was the attire I wore at the event I've attended last week in BGC. We were advised to wear a black and white outfit. When there's an event where we are required to wear something or let's say there's an attire, I usually ask help with my fasyown blogger friends. They know that I'll be asking "what to wear, what to wear" three days before the event. I always feel that I'll be under dress if I follow my decision when it comes to formal event. Anyhoo, here's the outfit post :) Details of my outfit after the jump!
OOTD: Black and White

Sample Room Products for March + Thank You Romwe

Friday, May 02, 2014

     Hi dearies! Haul time :) I presume you already know that you can grab mini and full-sized samples of skin care, hair care, tools, makeup and diet products from Sample Room. Since SR replenishes their samples once or twice a month, I can say that it is a must for beauty  and lifestyle blogger like me to grab a samples of new and exciting products in order to give you first dibs before they're sold in the market. I've been getting samples from Sample Room monthly and I need to become a ninja once in a while with the speed and agility skills. Samples run out so fast, that's why when you see samples on their site grab it immediately or you'll regret it afterwards. Anyhoo, I wasn't able to grab samples last February and this post is supposed to be published last March. It's May already but this loot is still worth sharing because I got samples from my favorite brands. Click CONTINUE READING to see product details :)
Sample Room Products for March + Thank You Romwe
Whisper Cottony long, Oracare Mouthwash in Cool, Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick in Headturner, Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil

Romwe's Spring Best Seller SALE

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

     The steps of spring is just going on. Do you know the secret that women like to fresh their wardrobes at the beginning of this vivid season? Demands drive sales. To cater to the needs of women, we just prepared this best sellers sales. There are over 100 styles for selection, up to 40% off, Start from $4.99. These selected best sellers have rocked the street during past months.
Fashion Weekly Must-Haves Flash Sale
Romwe Weekly Must Have Flash Sale - Start from $18.99! Free shipping!

     Up to 56% off, start from $18.99! (Romwe Weekly Must Have Flash Sale - Start from $18.99! Free shipping!) The clothes under this sale are fairly different from yesterday’s, but all pieces there are very hot and will meet diverse tastes of girls. 

Romwe Haul

Thursday, July 18, 2013

     I'm recently hooked on browsing Romwe's website. It's the first online shop where I saw different kinds of clothing that's wearable and stylish. They dubbed their clothing line as latest street fashion and extremely attractive. I must agree to that because I like the cutesy dresses stylish tops and unique trinkets from their collections. So after browsing every night, I bookmarked the clothes  and other accessories that I like and purchased a not so huge haul. Okay, it's HUGE because it's more than three (3) items. This is my first time to buy clothing items online and it feels good that you get what you expected. We all know that online shopping has it's pros and cons and one thing that I always doubt is the size. So to be sure, I bought a measuring tape and everything followed.  I used my gift certificates that Romwe sent me months ago. I'm such a happy kid when I received the items even though there were hassles going to the post office to claim the parcel (think about the horror stories on claiming your package). 

     About the horror stories, I think this is just an isolated case. Not all Post Offices here in our country have corrupt employees. Anyway, another great thing about this haul is that I got all the items on discounted prices :) 
Romwe Latest Street Fashion Online
     Next week will be another chapter of my life where I'll be outside the house every day. I'm going to apply for a job inside the corporate or BPO world. I know it's time to work in a real office so that I can experience what's life outside my comfort zone. Yes, if ever I'll be hired that would be my first real job. It's a long story and will not elaborate details on this post but if you want to ask what happened, I can answer you on the comment box. Haha! So I need to buy clothing items for business/formal wear that will suit the required attire for job application and interviews.  

Romwe Latest Street Fashion Online
One Button Long Sleeve Black Blazer = $28.99
Size - M
Romwe Latest Street Fashion Online
Loose Vent Sides White Blouse (NCTSHLY002) = $9.99
Size M
Romwe Latest Street Fashion Online
Black And White Stripes Shirt (NCSHCSD0002) = $24.56
Size S
Romwe Latest Street Fashion Online
"Blooming Flower" Pleated Skirt (NCSPD0221) = $19.70
Size L
     I also bought a new watch because I find this style easy to pair with different kinds of clothes may it be casual, preppy or formal looks. I'll pair this with the bracelet below and will add another so that my own version of arm party begins :)
Romwe Latest Street Fashion Online 
Antique Faux Fur Studded Watch (SZH0034) = $12.99
Color Black
Romwe Latest Street Fashion Online
 Cross Pendant Ball Chain Bracelet (AH1427) = $8.99
Color Black

     What can you say about my Romwe haul? Hope you can share your thoughts on what clothing items to invest especially to those working in the office or those requiring business attire. Thank you so much! Please visit for latest street style finds!

Good Times!~

Love Package + Hate Situation

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

     Hello lovelies, how are you? Don't forget to join my 100th Follower Giveaway. I will just make a quick post. I'm still experiencing this freaky skin allergy/insect bites thing-y for days now. I don't know what to do! I've taken lots of anti-histamine and applied anti-itch creams and ointment but none seems to work. The last option I think I need to do before things get worse is consult a doctor. This thing is really freaking me out. It's like my worst nightmare. I can't sleep and my mind seems empty. My concentration level is down and I get irritated most of the time. I hope this thing will just go away without a mark. I'm afraid that I scratched some part of my body unconsciously and this will lead to scarring. Gaaah! But before ending this post, I will just share what I received last week. I won from another giveaway and this time it's from a fashion blog. I soooo lurve these stuffs and thinking of doing another outfit post soon. 


Thank you Ms. Aisa and Romwe for this wonderful giveaway! Will post photos soon :D

     My sister also gave me a tub of Soft White Body Scrub in Bengkoang. She wanted me to try it first. Will make a review after a week. I can't use this right now because of this allergies/insect bites spreading all over my body.

      I will end my post here guys. I hope you will visit my blog often, read my reviews and join my giveaway. 

     Good Times!~


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