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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

     Hello lovelies, how are you? Don't forget to join my 100th Follower Giveaway. I will just make a quick post. I'm still experiencing this freaky skin allergy/insect bites thing-y for days now. I don't know what to do! I've taken lots of anti-histamine and applied anti-itch creams and ointment but none seems to work. The last option I think I need to do before things get worse is consult a doctor. This thing is really freaking me out. It's like my worst nightmare. I can't sleep and my mind seems empty. My concentration level is down and I get irritated most of the time. I hope this thing will just go away without a mark. I'm afraid that I scratched some part of my body unconsciously and this will lead to scarring. Gaaah! But before ending this post, I will just share what I received last week. I won from another giveaway and this time it's from a fashion blog. I soooo lurve these stuffs and thinking of doing another outfit post soon. 


Thank you Ms. Aisa and Romwe for this wonderful giveaway! Will post photos soon :D

     My sister also gave me a tub of Soft White Body Scrub in Bengkoang. She wanted me to try it first. Will make a review after a week. I can't use this right now because of this allergies/insect bites spreading all over my body.

      I will end my post here guys. I hope you will visit my blog often, read my reviews and join my giveaway. 

     Good Times!~


  1. reviews and pictures =) congrats!

  2. Oh well, I missed another contest because of inactivity. Hope to hear more of the body scrub review. Thank you.

  3. @rhaindropz- sure sis, next week OOTD but the review on body scrub baka after two weeks pa.
    @Lisa- hi there :) yes, i will make a review.


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