Coffee for headache, anyone?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

     Are you suffering from nerve-cracking and head breaking headache? I know most of us experienced headache once or twice a month. Lucky are those who did not! Headache is one of my pain buddies. Since I was 12 years old, I always complain to my mom that something's really painful inside my head. We never went to a neurologist and just rely on pain relievers like Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Mefenamic Acid and Aspirin. Until now, I am suffering from different bouts of headache. A single dose of Paracetamol is not enough. I think I'm already immune with this kind of drug until I met Saridon.

     Last February, I joined Ask Me Whats' Bayer Gives: Gift Packs from Saridon. I'm happy and excited when I read Nikki's blog post about it. Without a doubt, I joined and said to myself "this contest is meant for me." Truly indeed 'twas for me because I was one of the winners! I'm glad that I can share these prizes with my family because it also includes other products from Bayer.

Giveaway: 1 bottle of Calci-Aid
1 bottle of Rogin-E
5 blister packs of Saridon
1 tube (10pcs) of Berocca
10 boxes of Bepanthem Ointment
     I have a love-hate relationship when I first saw Saridon and its content. When I saw that it only contains 250mg of Paracetamol, my eyebrow raised a little but there's no harm in trying. As what I've said earlier in this post, I'm already immune with Paracetamol. I've taken large doses of it and my headache is still there. I'm also wondering why caffeine is present in the drug. I want to sleep not to stay awake if I have a headache so caffeine is a no-no. But all these presumptions disappeared when Saridon gave me the fastest relief ever! I kid you not, I fall asleep after taking Saridon and when I wake up, my headache is gone. Thanks to Saridon and Bayer for bringing this medicine in our country. I don't need to double dose and worry about the side effects of Paracetamol in my body. Now, I can stop the pain that stops me from doing simple errands when I have headache in no time!

Good Times!~

     Thanks to Bayer and Nikki for this giveaway and Ms. Jenny Rockwell of Roar Integrated Marketing Communications for informing me the whereabouts of my gift pack. 


  1. Marami ka siguro iniisip thus trigger the headache. Wag mu na kasi masyado isipin, hehe~ I seldom have headche as I'm a happy go lucky person, hehe~ On the other way around sister ko yun madalas sumakit ulo, mefenamic is the one she always pops in. Until, hindi nadin nagwowork saknya yun mefenamic. The main reason is she's always on stress sa work and she worry about all the things in the world. I guess you just needed to relax a little more =)

  2. @Janet- yup! siguro nga.. I always woorry about little things. thanks for the advice :)

  3. hi! I have a giveaway running if you are interested.. :)


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