Jumpstart Your Health and Wellness Journey with Fresh Grapes from California

Saturday, December 17, 2022

     It was three years ago when I decided to take my health and fitness journey to a more serious level. We just got home from Legoland Malaysia when I noticed that the dress I was wearing didn’t fit well. The next day, I weighed myself and looked in the mirror. I see a tired, stressed, and hungry body. I also have a medical condition that prevents me from having another baby that's why after a week of pondering, I told myself that apart from regular exercise, I will also follow a healthy diet and lifestyle and get more rest and sleep.

     After doing research and talking to wellness coaches and fitness instructors, proper nutrition and a sustainable diet are important factors in losing weight and maintaining a healthy body. They told me that fitness is 70% diet and 30% workout. The diet part is hard at first especially if you have a sweet tooth that’s why cutting back on sugar and other unhealthy food can be very challenging. Fast forward today, I was able to achieve my ideal weight and I feel healthier inside out. Sharing simple tips on how to jumpstart your health and wellness journey and still enjoy the food you eat after the jump.

Jumpstart Your Health and Wellness Journey with Fresh Grapes from California

     Home-cooked meals are healthier because you know the ingredients that you put in your food and they can save you money. Did you know that aside from carbs and proteins, you also need a lot of fiber, vitamins, and minerals in your diet? Consumption of fruit and vegetables every day is important that’s why I always make sure we have ample supply at home.

Jumpstart Your Health and Wellness Journey with Fresh Grapes from California

     One of the fruits that is now a staple in my meals are fresh and juicy Grapes from California. These can be part of a healthy meal or snack. They are bursting with flavor and California goodness. Here are some of the health benefits of grapes and reasons why they are a natural fit in a healthy diet and lifestyle:

Jumpstart Your Health and Wellness Journey with Fresh Grapes from California

1. 99% of table grapes grown in the United States are grown in California. Californians have been cultivating grapes for more than two centuries. Grapes from California are in season May through January. With more than 80 varieties grown, California grapes come in three colors – green, red, and black – in both seeded and seedless options.

2. Grapes are a natural source of beneficial polyphenols which contribute to heart health. That's why when you add grapes to your diet, it will promote the relaxation of blood vessels to help maintain healthy circulation. Now you know why health experts also recommend drinking wine!

3. Grapes can support weight management goals. Fresh grapes are a tasty and calorie-smart way to help achieve healthy weight goals. I always include grapes in my pre and post-workout meals. A ¾ cup serving only contains 90 calories. No added fat, salt, and sugar. It's a very satisfying and healthy snack.

4. FUN Fact: Grapes are a natural source of melatonin, a compound that helps regulate sleep cycles. Getting enough sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle. That's why aside from me, my mother-in-law who used to have a hard time sleeping at night, now eats grapes after dinner. She even told me that it is her favorite night time snack to help her sleep soundly.

5. Adding grapes to your diet is like adding more years to your life. The natural compounds help support the body’s immunity. I love that grapes can also contribute to healthy aging. We all want to age like fine wine, pun intended!

6. Grapes are a healthy and hydrating source of energy. Grapes contain about 82% water; hydration is critical to optimizing immune response.

Jumpstart Your Health and Wellness Journey with Fresh Grapes from California

     Hydration is key! Alongside mindful eating, drinking two to three liters of water can help you lose weight and flush away toxins in your body. Make sure to include daily physical activity, too. You may try walking, running, strength training, and yoga.

     If you are not yet ready to commit to any exercise routine, you may walk 30 minutes a day or reach 10,000 steps daily. Rest and sleep are two important factors that many individuals take for granted. If your goal is to lose weight, give your mind and body rest days. Make sure to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Sleeping enough at night helps your body burn calories more!

     So before you think of exhausting yourself in the gym doing hours of exercise and starving yourself by limiting the food that you eat, why not focus on the brighter side of your journey? You can still eat the food that you like but in moderation. Swap sugary, oily, and processed food for healthy fruits like grapes. Eating mindfully will keep you on the right path in this journey and adding fresh wholesome food to your diet will make it easy-peasy, trust me!

Jumpstart Your Health and Wellness Journey with Fresh Grapes from California

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