Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

     If a child asks you why it is important to wash your hands, do you have an instant answer? It's a no brainer that you'll say- handwashing is very important to avoid sickness. But to a little one, there's more to explain other than the diseases caused by not washing your hands properly. The curious minds need to be satisfied in order for them to understand the basics- the why, when, what, and how of hand washing.

     Weeks ago, Safeguard Philippines brought us to Singapore to know the answers to those questions. They let us visit their innovation center to discover the science behind germs. We became mommy microbiologist and the kids were the little detectives for a day to investigate if our hands are really clean. My little detective, Kenzo joined other kids in Safeguard Science Discovery Tour and learned so many things about cleanliness and Safeguard. Learn more about bacteria and how Safeguard provides superior skin germ protection for the whole family after the jump!

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore

     It was a busy day last March 21, 2017, for the Safeguard Philippine team at P & G Innovation Centre Singapore. Our agenda that day was to see in our naked eyes the germs inside our house and how Safeguard values the importance of handwashing and our family's health by having clean hands all the time.

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
Media, bloggers, kids, and PAMET Representatives with the Safeguard Philippines and Singapore Marketing Managers.

     We were warmly welcomed by Safeguard Singapore team led by Alex Vogler and gave us a brief walkthrough Safeguard's history and why after all these 50 long years they still value our family's protection against germs.

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
A warm welcome by Alex Vogler, P & G Beauty Digital Communications APAC

     After the briefing, the eggzoited me saw our personalized lab gowns and goggles. I have a thing for personalized stuff that's why seeing these lab gowns made me more excited. I felt that I'm a real scientist that day. Learning about germs- busting the myths and revealing the truths will be more meaningful while wearing this so let's get started :)

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour
Personalized lab gowns for moi and my son Kenzo

The Simulation Room

     Let's find out WHAT lies in every corner of our house, shall we? The team was brought inside the simulation room where we had a little game. Ms. Luella Vertucio explained to us that germs are everywhere. We can't see them in our naked eyes but we are actually touching and holding them every day, yikes!
Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore

     Test number 1 was determining the number of germs on a mobile phone. Dr. Vertucio took a swab and tested it in the germ meter. Can you guess how many? There were 711 multiplied by thousands. I presume that you have an idea where the germs lurk in our house. Those spots are in the toilet, door handles, on the floor, in our bags, and in the kitchen.

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
Ms. Luella Vertucio swabbing one of our mobile phones.

     Test number 2 was to look for germs under UV lights. In order to see the germs, the kid detectives were tasked to look in the room with lights turned off. The kid detectives were very eager to look for germs and look where they've found it- in the remote control which they hold almost every day.

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
The kid detectives found germs in the remote control, toys, kitchen sink, and toilet bowl

     Did you know that wherever you go, bacteria abounds? Many of these bacteria are able to cause diseases such as diarrhea, colds, cough, skin infections, and the like. Worse, these bacteria are increasingly harder, dirtier, and can multiply faster than expected, therefore putting you and your family members at risk.

The Microbiology Room

     Inside the different rooms, mommy bloggers discovered and learned more about germs and bacteria. Before the trip, PAMET representatives visited our house and took swabs of Kenzo's mobile phone to test what kind of bacteria lurks in the gadget. The swabs were bought inside the room and studied by the microbiologist. Look what they've found- staphylococcus, Enterococcus Faecalis, and Kukoria to name a few. This disease causes Pneumonia, Meningitis, and UTI.  

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
These were the bacteria found in our houses.

Consider these troubling facts about bacteria: 
  • The number of bacteria that live in and on us outnumber our own human cells by ten to one.
  • Common cold, flu, and stomach viruses can live on our fingertips for hours and they survive on the surfaces of objects for days. 
  • 80% of all infections, from the common cold and flu to Ebola fever, are transmitted by people touching one another or touching objects that others have touched.
  • One study of classrooms found that water fountain buttons, pencil sharpeners, keyboards, and faucet handles were the most contaminated with viruses. 
  • Phones have been found to have up to 4200 bacteria from fecal contamination. Safe drinking water should have less than 1 bacteria per 100ml.

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
Mr. Ronaldo Puno, President of PAMET, speaking about the kinds of germs found in the homes of bloggers. At the same time,
Angelica Caranza, Microbiology Section Head of the P&G Singapore Innovation Center talks about different types of germs and the diseases and infections they can cause

     Here, Angelica Caranza revealed the names of the bacteria and the diseases they carry. The photo you see below with black and red marks on the petri dish is a hand of an individual after holding a raw chicken, yes those are salmonella! After washing the hands with Safeguard, you can see the second dish is almost clean. 

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
Handling raw chicken? You have to see this!!!

     11 Petri dishes hold samples of synthetic skin not treated with any soap or treated with beauty soaps from the Philippines. These Petri dishes show Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumonia, and Escherichia coli growth. In the midst of the 11 Petri dishes is one that clearly stands out. This petri dish holds the synthetic skin treated with Safeguard that has inhibited germ growth.

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
The reveal of the single, clean, white hand

The Safeguard Testing Room

     This is the room where Safeguard soap is tested. During our tour, they showed us how Safeguard soap is made but in a shortcut or simplified process. They showed us the ingredients used in making the Safeguard white soap. Basically, soap noodles, tapioca starch, fragrance, and germ shield protect complex are the ingredients of the white variant soap.

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
Safeguard Laboratory

     These ingredients will be mixed in machines that we cannot disclose. After mixing the soap ingredients, it will be formed like a clay bar and will be cut in rectangle shape. For the tour, they made the soaps special because they allow us to make our own Safeguard White soap :)

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
Simplified Safeguard White Soap production

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
Stamping my mini Safeguard White Soap

     Can you spot my reaction?! I can't explain the feeling of making my own soap. Of course, everything went super easy that day. They also gave us a sample on the Safeguard White variant minis with our names printed on the box. 

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
Safeguard White Soap minis

     Now that you saw the simplified way of making Safeguard soap, let me share with you why Safeguard is the trusted brand for more than 50 years for your family's skin germ protection. A unique ingredient called GermShield+ Difference is present in all variants of Safeguard. GermShield+ refers to the active ingredient that makes Safeguard with GermShield+ uniquely effective at inhibiting the growth of disease-causing germs on your loved ones long after hand washing.

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
These personalized boxes that I'll be keeping forever!

     Do I look like a microbiologist wearing this lab gown? Yay! This tour is one for the books! No, I'm not done yet. Our little detectives had an experiment also where they tested how gentle Safeguard body wash for sensitive skin.

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore

The Experiment Room

     In this simple experiment, Safeguard will be used versus another brand of body wash. A rose petal was the subject, it's the representation of our skin. 

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
Safeguard Body Wash experiment

     The steps include soaking of petals in two Petri dishes with Safeguard and unbranded body wash. Let them soak for a few seconds. We discovered that Safeguard Body Wash is suitable for sensitive skin. It does not dry out the petals, unlike the unbranded one.

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
Let's do this!!!

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
Using a rose petal

     We also tried the experiment using a soft water ball. The ball that was soaked in Safeguard Body Wash remained clear while the other became opaque in color. This means that Safeguard Body Wash leaves skin squeaky clean and protected after every use.

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
Using a plastic crystal ball

     It is important to keep our hand clean to avoid spreading germs and getting sick. Protection from germ threats begins with proper handwashing and bathing using an effective antibacterial soap like Safeguard. Safeguard with Germshield+ provides superior germ protection against three types of germs and can provide long-lasting protection.

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore

     As a pledge of spreading the importance of handwashing, we made a handprint and brought home these frames as a remembrance that we will cherish forever. 

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
Our handprints 

     Safeguard with Germshield+ technology can fight a broad spectrum of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi, preventing more types of sickness, malodour, and skin infection. Moreover, Germshield+ technology inhibits the regrowth of these bacteria and fungi up to 24 hours, thereby providing optimal protection.

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore
L-R: Ginger and Zeeka Arboleda, Shari and Selene Macainag, Jackie and Gabbie Go, Nikka and Michelle Garcia, Kath and Kenzo Rivera, Lace Llanora and Ash Coladilla, Rochelle and Elijah Rivera, Cat Arambulo- Antonio and Asher Antonio

     For over 50 years in the Philippines, Safeguard has been recommended by the leading health experts for germ protection for the entire family. Staying true to its commitment to protecting the health of the family, Safeguard continues to invest in research and development and follow rigorous prototyping, testing, and manufacturing processes to provide the best soap that addresses every family’s personal care and cleansing needs.

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour Singapore

     Protect your family from germs and diseases by encouraging proper hygiene, frequent handwashing, and the use of Safeguard. As a mother, I only want what's best for my family. This may sound cliche, but moms know best especially in protecting her loved ones. We're a long-time used of Safeguard soap- my husband uses Safeguard since time immemorial, you'll find Safeguard White soap and Safeguard Hand Wash in our kitchen and in the bathroom. Trust only in Safeguard and I'm sure that your family will always be protected from germs.

I'll be sharing more photos and videos on my Facebook and Youtube Pages :)
On my next post, I'll be musing more about Safeguard and the variants available. 

Have you tried any Safeguard soap variant? Try them now!!!

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