Random Giveaway Winnings

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

     Hello dearies! Do you love joining giveaways? If the answer is YES, well me too! If you're a long time reader of this blog I'm sure you know that I always win from giveaways that I join. I can say that I'm a giveaway/contest addict. I've been joining mini and huge giveaways for the past three years and luckily I always grab either the grand or consolation prizes. I mentioned that I love joining giveaways but there came a time that I just lost my interest in joining any kind of contests and giveaways on blogs that I follow, Facebook and Twitter. If my memory serves me right it's been six month that I rarely or never joined any of them. But two months ago I simply missed logging my entries on the rafflecopter, sharing contest banners and re-tweeting hashtags thus I became active again in this addictive world of online contests, promos and giveaways.

     So to inspire my readers that reading blog posts is not only informative but lots of fun too because of prizes, here's the photos of products that I got as prizes from the giveaways and contests that I joined recently. I'll post the links where I joined and if you have time you can read my past winnings too. Click CONTINUE READING to see these wonderful prizes :)
Essence Stays No Matter What Eyeliner Essence All About Curl plus Volume Mascara 
     If you do not believe in the word luck, well I really, really do! I won this Essence Stays No Matter What Eyeliner and Essence All About Curl plus Volume Mascara in the Facebook fan page of Essence Philippines when my sister tagged my name and I just shared the giveaway poster. I'm the last sharer so I can say I'm lucky when the electronic raffle picked up my name :)

Collective Giveaway Winnings II

Thursday, June 20, 2013

     Exactly a month ago I posted the first part of my collective winnings and I'm very thankful for the prizes and my first magazine feature courtesy of BDJ Box and Pantene Philippines. I told   you in this post HERE that there's another batch of prizes from the giveaways that I've joined. So here it is, the second part of my giveaway winnings from January to May. I will randomly post the photos of the prizes here because I forgot the date when I won the said giveaways, old age I guess? Haha! I'm very happy to share this second part of the giveaway winnings I accumulated for the past few months because one of the giveaways that I've joined made my entry be featured in Smart Parenting magazine. My story for Wilkins Moms Know Best is one of the the runners-up and will be featured on the September issue. The story that I shared there is not beauty or skin care related. It's all about being a mother. I'll post the link of my story here and hope that it will serve an inspiration to all moms and parents out there. Another reason why this post is very delayed because some of the prizes had to be claimed personally like the Godiva Skin Care Set which I claimed during the Bloggers United 5 event while the cash prize and Wilkins GCs at the Ogilvy office. As a full-time mom, I have to schedule the claiming of prizes during hubby's rest day when he can look after my son. I will just make this post quick, thank you for reading dears!

Wilkins Moms Know Best Share Your Story Promo
runner-up prize: P5,000 cash, P5,000 Wilkins Gift Certificate, publication in Smart Parenting magazine.

Collective Giveaway Winnings 1

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

     Hello loves! I just want to share some of the prizes that I got from the giveaways that I've joined from January to April. The prizes from two different giveaways that I joined 3 months ago arrived a week after I won the giveaway. I'm still waiting for some giveaway prizes to arrive and will just make another post for that. For the meantime, let me show you random stuff that I won from the giveaways I joined last February, March and April. The dates when I won the giveaway will not be in order, I hope you'll understand :)
SUPERMOM Vacuum Storage Bag- Travel Rolling Bag
Angelo Falconi Brush Cleaner
Angelo Falconi Brush Cleaner- Regular Strength
Pantene Philippines' Color and Perm Shampoo Promo from the BDJ BOX Beauty Social!
Dear Kitty Kittie Kath for Pantene Color and Perm Shampoo Magazine Feature
My Pantene Color and Perm Hair Care Gift Set
     And the gift receiving continues! I still love joining giveaways but not as often as before. So dearies, hope this serves an inspiration and motivation to all of you. Just join giveaways, play fair and have fun!!! 

Good Times!~

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

     To all the loving, caring, understanding, supportive and patient mothers in the whole world, let me greet you a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! I know this day will be very special if you'll celebrate it with the whole family. 

     I know my mom doesn't visit my blog, she haven't got a chance to visit this site even once but I understand that. If ever she's reading right now, I want to tell her that I'm very thankful for everything she did to us. She sacrificed most of her time just to give all the best that she can for us (me and my sibs) to have a better life. My thank you is not enough to show that I'm grateful for all the things you've done. May God always bless you with good health, long life, more patience and unconditional love for the whole family.

     I also want to say "Thank you" to my second mom, my mother-in-law for loving me as her own daughter. I hope you'll stay strong physically, mentally and emotionally and may God always guide you wherever you are and keep you safe in whatever you do. 

     Happy Mother's day to all my mommy relatives and mommy friends, mommies and mommies-to-be, you know who you are!

     I also want to say "Thank you" to my Virginia Olsen Minerals family for sending this fab gift. I'm not expecting this that's why when I received this yesterday, I'm a bit emotional not because finally I can try this product but the thought that someone not related to you (by blood) will remember you on this special day. Actually this is my first time to receive something from someone on not related to me on Mother's Day. 

     Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart! Have a happy and meaningful Mother's day to all!!!

Good Times!~

Early Christmas Gifts

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

     I had a blast last December with overflowing prizes from the giveaways that I joined. I felt that  Santa heard my wishes and seen that I've been very good last year. Haha! I know this is also a delayed post from my giveaway winnings. I wasn't able to claim/pick up the prizes on time and the only free time I had was when le hubby had his rest day during Christmas. He accompanied me to pick up the prizes and I'm so giddy like a kid that day because I'm sooo excited to get hold of my prizes :D

    I still have tons of prizes from other giveaways that I joined and will muse that on my next post.  I want to thank Sarah Tirona, Sabs Hernandez, Manila Shopper and Marqui Santos for having these awesome giveaways. 
Fashion Eggplant Birthday Giveaway
Monotheme Gift Set- 100ml White Musk perfume and toilet soap
Sabs Hernandez 100 Followers Giveaway
Handspa manicure with Paraffin treatment
Manila Shopper Studio Boheme Honey Badger Bags Review + Giveaway
11" Floral with Metallic Beige Strap HB Doctor Satchel

Good Times!~


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