China Glaze in Velvet Vow

NOTD: China Glaze in Velvet Bow

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

     Yay finally! My first Nail of the Day post :D This nail polish came from the Let It Snow Holiday 2011 Collection. I did not purchase the entire collection. This is included from the Everyday Essentials Loot that I won from The Beauty Junkee.

     But first I will show you how my nails looks like without nail polish... I tried using the nail polish weeks ago but the application was very messy! I tried it thrice but it looks disgusting. I don't know what happened to its consistency because it had changed a bit. So I decided to go at my parents house and asked my sister Kc to do the NOTD for me. 

     I'm glad that she said Yes but this response took two weeks hence the delayed post. So here it is, China Glaze Velvet Vow in my sister's nails. I really envy the shape of her nails! It's obvious that she's the type who always take serious time grooming it. Unlike mine that is short and doesn't have a decent shape at all :(

     Pardon the chipped edges I forgot to tell her a while ago that I'm going to take a picture of her nails. She was doing the laundry when I visited my parents house. But still, the color looks great. The color looks vampy-ish :D Bella and Edward came to my mind when I saw the color on her nails.

     So whatchatink? Look at those nails, Me likey the shape and length of my sister's nails. I wish I can make mine grow like that but as I've mentioned before, I'm doing my mommy duties and I have no time painting my nails on my own.

     Thanks for dropping by! Hope you like this post. God Bless and stay safe guys :D

Good Times!~


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