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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

     I'm a self-confessed organic junkie! Almost 70% of the products that I use on my body consist of natural and organic ingredients. I already found my HG organic soap, I love using my organic facial toner, I always use my organic lipbalm, I never run out of natural oils to soothe skin irritation and I only trust my organic insect-repellant spray to prevent from pesky bug and mosquito bites. This list is still incomplete. I haven't found organic products that will work wonders on my color-treated hair. I also need to look for a natural product that will work hand in hand to protect and moisturize my skin. In other words, I haven't tried using natural lotions or body butters before. So when Ms. Therese of ENVO Bath and Body sent an email, I'm ecstatic and giddy to see photos of their body butters because natural body butter sounds new to me. When I saw the photos of their products, my eyes were glued on em. I really want to try them all! 

     I'm glad they've given me this opportunity to share the good news with you. If your an organic junkie like me, click READ MORE and discover this brand that will surely make you experience nature at its finest! They're provider of natural skin care products that will leave your skin relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed. Let me now introduced you to *drum roll* please...  ENVO Bath and Body ^_^

     ENVO Bath and Body Products was started in 2012 by a group of Entrepreneurship students from De La Salle University. This group, which is consisted of five individuals, collaborated to pursue this one common purpose: to bring out the beauty of nature and innovate it into something that can be used for the benefit of people, and so, ENVO was born. 
     Inspired by many great entrepreneurs of the past and present, ENVO Bath and Body Products strive to create a significant change in the beauty industry by ushering in fresh new products that are made with all natural ingredients as well as to offer top quality products and excellent service to its customers. We take pride in our merchandise and make sure that everyone will enjoy the full benefits of nature. 

     ENVO Bath and Body provides its customers with relaxing, rejuvenating and refreshing amenities great for the skin. We take pride in our array of products which are made with 100% all natural ingredients using non harmful chemicals and are PH tested. All of which contain a constant base of Sunflower oil that is rich in vitamin E, A, C, and D; excellent for protecting as well as pampering your skin. 

Vanilla Milk + Witch Hazel 
Youthful Tranquility Body Scrub 
PHP 350.00 (200g) 
     A treat from nature that is too sweet for the senses. Its distinct mixture of Vanilla and Witch Hazel give it its memorable aroma. Its main purpose is to Relax giving its users that long desired unwinding feeling. Its main benefits consist of shrinking the pores, acting anti-oxidant, and shield from germs. This body scrub is lotion based so you get lotion plus scrub in one. It has a generous amount of apricot kernels which are used as the exfoliate instead of micro beads. 
Aloe Vera +Eucalyptus 
Natures Amore Body Scrub 
PHP 350.00 (200g)
     If you’re looking to beat the heat, this one is for you. The mixture of Aloe Vera and Eucalypus really captures the essence of nature and makes it one of our best sellers. Its main purpose is Cooling giving its users that minty yet stably strong feeling, similar to that of spa treatments. Its main benefits consist of refreshing the skin, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and insect repellant. This body scrub is lotion based so you get lotion plus scrub in one. It has a generous amount of apricot kernels which are used as the exfoliate instead of micro beads.

Calamansi + Lemongrass 

Radiant Eclipse Body Scrub 
PHP 350.00 (200g) 

     Join the fight against dark and damaged skin, with the perfect blend of Calamansi and Lemongrass; you can see nature take effect in no time. Its main purpose is Whitening giving its users that fair light skin they have always wanted. Its main benefits consist of skin lightening, tonic, aromatic, minimizes oil secretion, revitalize and strengthens skin. This body scrub is lotion based so you get lotion plus scrub in one. It has a generous amount of apricot kernels which are used to exfoliate the skin instead of micro beads.

Peppermint + Cucumber 

Aqua Frost Body Butter 
PHP 250.00 (200g)

     The sun too hot for you to handle? Not anymore, a cooling sensation like no other, this body butter directly cools your skin right after application and stays there for hours. The mixture of Peppermint and Cucumber gives its users a double dose of freshness, not to mention that peppermint gives it a very attractive scent. Its main benefits are nourishes and hydrates your skin, soothes and softens the skin, relieves skin irritations and itchiness and it also help ease sting of sunburn. 

Valentines Soap
Cranberry + Tomato 
PHP 60.00 (85g)

     Purify and cleanse your skin, give it that treatment it truly deserves. What’s unique about this soap is that it is made with cranberry giving it such an alluring scent alongside tomato which is one of the best things that helps nourish the skin. This soap will brighten dull and dark skin, open and eliminates all the dirt inside your pores and calms the skin. It is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

     Yay! Their products look very promising :) I can't wait to share with you my experience with nature, the first natural body butter that I will review on this blog. Please refer to the links below these lovely photos to get the latest news and updates from ENVO Bath and Body.

Email: envobathandbody@gmail.com
Contact Number: 0917 981 7145


  1. great to see more and more organic local brand ^_~ I enjoy trying out new brands and especially organic! Thanks for sharing Kath =)

  2. Really glad na madaming local startup businesses ngayon.

    Of the loot, feeling ko, I'll like the one with cucumber. It sounds so fresh and perfect or the summer.

  3. these product looks interesting,especially Natures Amore Body Scrub,wanna try it!

  4. @Janet- Hehehe! Happy to see din na madaming organic brands ngayon lalo na Philippine made :)

    @Rae- yes Rae, kahit hindi summer ok gamitin.

    @sherry ann- visit their facebook dear para maka order ka na :)


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