Nami Natural

Feature: NAMI Water-Based, 18-Free, and Vegan Nail Polish

Tuesday, February 01, 2022

     I'm always having second thoughts on getting my nails done. Like my hair, my nails are brittle and my thin skin easily gets wounded if the nail technician is not experienced in pushing back cuticles and removing dead skin gently. Another thing is the kind of nail polish to be used because my nails get yellow easily with harsh brands. 

     Gone are the days that I will just opt for cleaning manicure and pedicure services because there's a new nail polish brand that is non-toxic, cruelty-free, odor-free, and vegan. Nami officially launches the first water-based, 18-free, vegan nail polish brand in the Philippines. My eyes sparkled when I saw the beautiful colors and features of Nami. More information about Nami and the shades available below :)

Feature: NAMI Water-Based, 18-Free, and Vegan Nail Polish 


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