When It Rains, It Pours

Thursday, August 30, 2012

    My addiction on joining online giveaways, contests and promos still goes on. Is it bad? I guess not and I know there's no harm in joining. Aside from getting things for free, I want to support the bloggers having their giveaways whether I win or lose! But most of the time I received email notifications that I've won. I'm not expecting to win from all the giveaways that I joined since I'll be competing with more than thousand plus entries from rafflecopter. Maybe I'm really lucky. So here's the prizes that I received and claimed this month. But first let me thank all the bloggers and the sponsors who host giveaways, contests and promos online!!!

     For a stay-at-home-mom like me, winning is somehow a form of stress reliever and of course happiness-who doesn't want free items anyway? :D

     Dawn and Liz of Peachy Pink Sisters celebrated their 2nd Year Anniversary and together with their lovely sponsors gave 8 major prizes on their blog. I love reading their posts specially their experiments with makeup.

Dawn and Liz of Peachy Pink Sisters 2nd Anniversary Giveaway

Thank you so much Dawn and Liz!!! I love the prizes :D
Strip It Sugaring Wax, Braided Necklace and Printed Wallet from Chimera Online Shop
     Another prize came from Nikki Tiu of Askmewhats. I hope I'm not banned from joining Nikki's online giveaways since I've already won thrice from her. The first one was Mosbeau's Whitening Set then the Bayer Gift Pack and recently this one from BC Fragrance :D This aroma diffuser is really perfect for our coffee shop inspired room. Vanilla beans smells divine!!! Even the hubby who prefers manly scent said that the aroma is very relaxing. 

Askmewhats BC Fragrance Giveaway
BC Fragrance Vanilla Beans Room Fragrance Php150.00BC Fragrance Aromatic Diffuser Vanilla Beans Php400.00 
     The last prize that I claimed from ABS-CBN Publications is really unexpected. I mean it's not a raffle contest per se. I just wrote an essay about Maven's Magazine Anniversary and emailed them my entry. The prize is random and I don't know the criteria for judging. Thank you Ms. Abi Portillo for choosing me as one of your winners!

Maven Magazine's 100k Giveaway
Kerastase Reflectio Bain Chroma Riche Shampoo
Kerastase Reflectio Bain Chroma Riche Treatment mask
     Yay! Thank you so much for these prizes :D Just let me know if you want me to make a review on any products above. Have a great day ahead loves!

Good Times!~


  1. You are indeed one lucky lady! Glad you like the prizes! Congrats again! :)

  2. Wow, congrats! You're right, when it rains it pours. :)

    I have a giveaway going on on my beauty blog too, maybe you can check it out!

  3. @aMz88- Thanks dear, I'll join :)

    @Aya- Yay, Thanks Aya :D

    @Dawn- Thank you sooo much Dawn! I have a new wallet now :D

    @mie-arsi- thanks and good luck

    @Chriselle Sy- hi there :D thanks for dropping by. Ok, thanks for sharing :D

  4. Nothing wrong with joining giveaways sis.. :D The more you join, the more frequent you win.. Anyway, congratulations! Love your prizes~ Hope I get to join as often too.. ^^ Oh, have an awesome September! ;)

  5. wow 3 times ka na nanalo sa giveaway ni nikki? LUCKY INDEED :) Congrats with all the prizes Kath :)

  6. @Hazel- yup, 3 times na :D Ang lucky ko nga sa giveaways nya. Sana pede pa din ako sumali. Hehehe!

    @Sumi- Thanks sis :D Sana manalo ka ulit sa mga giveaways na sasalihan mo.


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