SvelT’i Rainbow Drip

Thursday, December 06, 2018

     It is not only for its aesthetic appeal that a rainbow brings joy to people. Oftentimes, a rainbow symbolizes hope. After a period of tumult comes a beautiful sight to behold, that’s how a rainbow appears in the sky. And this occurrence always wipes out the sad feeling heavy rains, lightning, and thunderstorms bring to people. This burst of colors in the sky always instantly uplifts the mood.

     The phenomenon of the appearance of a rainbow after the rain is very much comparable to how women age. Biology and external factors such as lifestyle and environment dictate how the body functions and their manifestation. Oftentimes, the results are sadly unfavorable, just like the havoc a thunderstorm wreaks. However, after the battering of harsh conditions, there is always the likelihood of something beautiful happening to the body; yes, just like the appearance of a rainbow. And this likelihood comes in the form of our new service called –you got it right – rainbow drip.

SvelT’i Rainbow Drip
Why SvelT’i Rainbow Drip?
  • A quick-acting solution for a multitude of skin and health concerns collectively called the rainbow drip. 
  • Each color in this unique collection of treatments targets and treats some of the most common but pressing conditions that plague women as they age not only superficially but thoroughly, bringing about holistic healing. 
  • Because these treatments are taken intravenously, quick effects are guaranteed. You will not need to wait for weeks or even months just for the medications to gradually kick in. 

SvelT’i Rainbow Drip

SvelT’i Drip Palette

1. Yellow Drip
     This is the best treatment for clear skin as it treats acne and keeps dark spots at bay, giving way to a healthy and bright complexion. It also boosts the immune system.

2. Magenta White Drip

     This drip is good for anti-aging concerns. The ultimate anti-aging drip treatment that improves skin elasticity and thickness, reduces wrinkles, lightens facial pigmentation, and refines facial pores. 

3. Yellow-Green Drip or Cinderella

     Neutralizes and eliminates free radicals that damage the skin at the cellular level, causing rapid aging and skin discoloration. Taking this drip brings the skin back to its purest and fairest form and gives a radiant glow brought about by healthy cells and reduced toxicity in the body.

4. Red Orange Drip

    The sexy boost treatment that facilitates the burning of body fats to convert them into energy, a surefire way of achieving your desired sexy body.

5. Blue Immunoboost Drip

     A drip that's good for overall health. It contains different minerals and amino acids that revitalize the immune system, maximizing energy production to sustain you the whole day. Feeling spent and exhausted after activities will be a thing of the past with our immune-boost drip. This is also advisable for those recovering after undergoing a surgery.

6. Pink All-In-One Beauty Drip

     The powerhouse beauty treatment that is your best bet in achieving flawlessness inside and out. The all-in-one beauty drip speeds up skin whitening and prevents the signs of aging from showing by inhibiting the production of dark pigments and improving the skin tone and elasticity through thorough detoxification and neutralization of free radicals. This drip also strengthens the immune system to prevent chronic fatigue and to boost your overall health.

     The recommended dose for drip is once or twice a week and can be taken individually or in combination. But before that, the doctor will have to assess you first in order to give the right kind or type of drip that your body needs. Different form of stress and aging may come and go but don't lose hope because looking and feeling good again is easily achievable with the help of SvelT’i's Rainbow Drip. 

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