How to Keep Your Beauty Routine Simple While Vacationing

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

     For most people, a vacation means a chance to escape, unwind, and step out of your everyday life in all senses. With that in mind, you don’t want to be spending hours in your room grooming and applying your makeup. Of course, you want to look put-together, but you can do so in a way that is simple and quick, and gives you that fresh-faced look that is ideal when on vacation. 

     Here are some simple and easy to follow steps that will simplify your beauty routine while on your holidays, which also means you won’t have to pack anywhere near as many items.

How to Keep Your Beauty Routine Simple While Vacationing

Consider the Location

     Before you even decide what the essential items are for your beauty routine, it’s a good idea to give the location some thought. Let’s assume you are heading to a tropical island to stay at an all-inclusive resort in the middle of the summer. Clearly, your beauty essentials are going to be quite different than if you were to be booked in a luxury hotel such as the White Buffalo Club in the middle of Jackson Hole, WY in the dead of winter.

     The location will mainly affect your skincare essentials such as your day cream/lotion, night cream/lotion, sunscreen, and possibly your cleanser. Think about what the climate/environment will do to your skin and pack accordingly.

     A good tip is to use makeup remover wipes while vacationing. You can even find them in travel-sized packages. You won’t have to worry about anything spilling in your bag; they are lightweight and convenient to use.

The Basic Makeup Items

     While you may have a whole drawer of cosmetics available to you at home, there’s no need for them while on vacation. In fact, you can usually get by with just a couple of staple items, especially if you pick multi-functional products or pre-packaged palettes that feature products for the whole face. 

     By packing the basics, you’ll also be able to tone the look down for daytime activities like hitting the slopes in Jackson Hole, and then amp it up for night time partying at your all-inclusive resort.

     You can narrow it down to five basics and then build from there. The basics are concealer, a tinted moisturizer (a multi-functional product), mascara, cream blush and a tinted lip gloss. This is technically all you need to create that “fresh faced” look.

     Now, if you plan on heading out at night, or maybe you will be socializing with other couples and want a little drama, you can still do so with a relatively small number of products. You will want to pack two to four eyeshadows that are neutral and compliment your outfits. You will want to include a light shade and then something with depth. As well, you can pack black eyeliner, a lip liner, and a neutral lipstick. 

Remember – Less is More

     When it comes to your beauty routine while on vacation, the general rule is less is more. Let your natural beauty shine, and don’t worry about achieving that “perfect” flawless look.

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