SvelT’i Health and Beauty Centre Thanksgiving Promo

Monday, April 03, 2017

     SvelT’i Health and Beauty Centre celebrates Thanksgiving this April with a weeklong self-care pampering treat designed to jump-start a person’s journey towards long-lasting wellness that also brings out their best and lovelier self. 

     The celebration is part of the year-long campaign that reinforces the centre’s mission and vision of cultivating a desire for sustaining, long-lasting self-care, which means loving one’s self. Dr. Lalaine Salazar, SvelT’i’s Medical Director, said the many of their clients excel in what they do because they want to provide a good life for their families and loved ones. While that is important and commendable, they tend to forget themselves. Neglect of their health leads to a variety of conditions like acne, facial fine lines and wrinkles, skin blemishes, flabbiness, and unwanted weight. More information on SvelT’i Health and Beauty Centre 'Self-Care' Thanksgiving promo below :)

SvelT’i Health and Beauty Centre Thanksgiving Promo

     “SvelT’i provides them with a holistic program that enables them to return to the right track of wellness,” Dr. Salazar continues. “Their inner loveliness or physical beauty and/or handsomeness emerges. The name of our center means that our patient can become svelte. That means he or she can slim down, look good, and be healthy.”

     SvelT’i is now opening its doors from April 3-10 to allow returning clients and first-timers alike to experience the premium brand of self-care that the centre provides. Amazing promotions are offered on all programs and, as their way of thanking their customers, additional treatments shall be given for free. Grab these promos now to personally discover that the centre is offering effective, easily measurable, and comfortable treatments to those struggling with skin problems, aging effects, and excessive weight.

SvelT’i Health and Beauty Centre Thanksgiving Promo
Jannie Alipo-on and Jerome Tan

     The weeklong celebration is also their way of thanking their customers who have supported them from the beginning. Dr. Salazar said they also want first-timers to see how they can accomplish their health and beauty goals in a speedy, effective, and yet healthy way.

     All of SvelT’i’s cutting-edge treatments are non-invasive, fast, and performed under very comfortable conditions. One session can take place in thirty minutes and does not require any downtime. Each treatment is done in a private room where the individual can relax and even go to sleep while it is being administered. Afterward, he or she can go back to work, shop, or meet up with friends immediately.

     “Many of our patients see the results even after just one session. They feel like their best selves have emerged after they undergo one or several of these treatments,” Dr. Salazar enthuses. “They also need to commit themselves to a life of self-love and self-care which manifests in taking care of their own health and their own appearance. Commitment is necessary for transformation, and we stand committed to help our patients achieve their dream goals of wellness and svelteness.”

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Visit the clinic at 5F South Insula Condominium #61 Timog Avenue, Quezon City 
Mondays to Fridays from 9am-6pm and Saturdays from 8am-1pm

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