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Friday, June 15, 2012

    Yay! Lady luck is still on my side. The winning streak continues! As you all know, I'm very lucky last February because almost all the contests and giveaways that I've joined, I won! I blogged about my the prizes that I received on my posts February's Been Very Good To Me Part I and February's Been Very Good To Me Part II for reference. I'm very thankful to the bloggers for hosting such giveaways. I'm a stay-at-home-mom and I don't have my own source of income. I just rely on my husband's salary on buying my beauty and skin care needs. So joining on contests and giveaways somehow" helped" me to have the products that I want for free. Don't get me wrong but sometimes I'm happy because I can try new stuffs without asking hubby to buy it for me. Though what I said only applies when I win. So I'm always wishing my self good luck :D

     Another lucky month is June! This is also the birth month of my son. Maybe he's the lucky one. This time, I joined the A!life's Live the Life contest on Facebook. The contest is all about giving your best answer on the A!life Health Supplement variant assigned each week. To know about A!life, you can visit their Facebook fan page HERE. I won because I got the most number of likes on my answer. Here are my prizes:
1 box of A!life Energy- this is a Malunggay supplement
Samples of A!life supplements:
A!life Control, Trim, Protect, Restore, Posture and Energy
Cute Pouch and Colorful Umbrella (not in the picture)
I want to try this variant A!life Protect- this helps protect the skin from the damaging rays of the sun and free-radicals it's also full of anti-oxidants.
     I also won from two other giveaways and I will talk about that on my next posts. Thank you so much A!life for this wonderful prizes. I will take the Malunggay supplement for a month and will update you with the result. I know I need this supplement because Malunggay contains most of the vitamins and minerals our body needs. After my operation, I lost a large amount of blood and underwent blood transfusion. I hope A!life energy together with proper diet (no exercise yet) will bring me back in good shape. 

     Have you heard of A!life?Which variant suits your lifestyle?Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Wow! Super lucky mo! Dami ko na nasalihan pero around 3 times pa lang ako nanalo. Haha! Bitter ako! congrats on winning! :)

  2. @Dawn- Thanks sis :) At least nanalo ka pa din. Meron nga iba na nabasa ko sa forum ang dami na nya sinalihan kahit isa hindi sya nanalo. Hindi lang ako swerte sa mga food giveaways. Yun sana gusto ko para na share ko kay hubby and Kenzo. Btw, I remembered na you won sa food blog ni Sumi. Sarap nun!

  3. wow! Lucky you! :) i've managed to win this month too.. mostly books and ebooks.. :) i've never won from beauty giveaways.. wish i could have my very own beauty blog though, but at the moment, im stuck with books. but no complaints there, im enjoying hopping through the beauty blogs that i follow, including yours :)

  4. @aldelei89- Hi there :) Thank you for following my blog. Wow, congratulations on winning too! Just keep on joining contests and giveaways, there's no harm in joining :)


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