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5 Countries Which Spend More on Weight Loss

Thursday, April 10, 2014

5 Countries which spend more on weight loss

     With the increased number of problems that are resulting out of the obesity or weight gain, there is increased awareness in different nations and the people staying in them. Obviously, the countries that rank top in obesity percent of people are also likely to spend more on the strategies that help in weight loss. But, some assumptions might go wrong due to which the return of investment that is spent in weight loss strategies might not be so impressive. This low ROI could be due to several reasons like choosing wrong strategy, not implementing the strategy in a right way, not educating the people about the important of controlling the weight and several other unnoticed issues that would cause the failure of the strategies employed for weight loss.
5 Countries Which Spend More on Weight Loss
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     All the efforts that the countries have put in for motivating and bringing the desired weight loss might not have succeeded. While few countries were able to increase the expected life span of the individuals by investing in health care not all of those who spent more of their budget on health care have succeeded in achieving their goals either on weight loss or on other health aspects and problems. Let us look at those top 5 countries ranked in terms of spending expenditure on obese.

Product Feature: Mosbeau Body Fit- Get Slimmer, Leaner in no Time

Sunday, February 09, 2014

     Hello dearies! Summer is fast approaching and I'm sure everyone's getting serious on bringing their sexy body back! I know it's hard to lose weight and achieve the dream body  that we want- yes it's WE because I'm also striving hard to lose holiday weight and have a firm and toned body. If you're having a hard time loosing weight and feel that exercise and balanced diet is not enough, there's another way to help you lose those stubborn fats and flush out toxins in your body. Introducing Mosbeau Body Fit- Get Slimmer, Leaner in no Time!
Mosbeau Body Fit


     It’s a mix of natural ingredients, formulated to manage the body’s cholesterol level and maintain a healthy weight. Main ingredient Chitosan helps bind body fats and cholesterol and flushes them out from the body.


Content: 500mg x 30 capsules


Take 3 capsules a day. Intake maybe on or before meal.

  • Kiwi extracts help control fat absorption to get rid of excusess fats.
  • Gymnema powder helps curb sugar cravings to manage the body’s sugar level.
  • Two consecutive weeks of daily use lowers bad cholesterol by 6% and increases good cholesterol by 10%.
  • Kaempferia parviflora
  • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
  • Chitosan
  • Astilbe thunbergii leaf extract
  • Salasia reticulata root/stem extract
  • Gymnema sylvestre leaf powder
If you want to know more about Mosbeau and their products, please do visit their website: 

Product Review: CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix Lemon Flavor

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

     Today, I decided to add another topic on my blog and it's about health and fitness wellness. A lot of my relatives and friends asked me why I lost so much weight after giving birth. Actually, this so called journey didn't started after pregnancy but during my high school years. I'm always on a diet ever since and to tell you honestly, I've tried different techniques on how to loose weight fast but the faster you loose weight, the more weight you will gain after that diet period. This is what they called as the rebound effect. So the best way to loose weight is through healthy lifestyle- balance nutrition and exercise. In my experience, diet supplements like fat burners, appetite suppressants, and the like just adds a little boost on losing or maintaining weight. I noticed that the obvious effects of slimming pills and coffees that I've tried before was just help me loose the water weight that I have. Since I don't value exercise before and I want to lose weight the easy way, my skin sagged and got stretch marks here and there. My skin also got a bit wrinkled because I lost so much water and become zombie like due to insomia- another negative effect of slimming pills, juices, and coffees. But not all slimming products in the market are alike. So as years pass by, more innovation about healthy lifestyle became available to health conscious individuals. As I've said earlier, we also need a "boost" to make our healthy lifestyle more achievable. In my honest opinion, there should always be a balance between diet and exercise and a little supplement that will help us achieve our goal. It's like drinking your daily vitamins and supplements. I think there's nothing wrong if we will incorporate healthy drinks in our meals and aside from that we get benefits that will help us achieve our fitness goals.

     Presenting CarbTrim,  a weight management solution that blocks up to 66% of carbs in the food you eat. This comes in a powdered iced tea form, available in two flavors: lemon and apple.
CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix Lemon Flavor
Based on research studies, white kidney bean extract may help reduce the absorption of dietary carbohydrates.

Childhood obesity: A chubby kid is not equal to healthy

Thursday, September 19, 2013

     A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) shockingly reveals that over 3 million children in the Philippines are overweight or obese. Over the years, the prevalence of obesity and obesity-related diseases among children in the country has risen sharply. The numbers have doubled over the past couple of decades and tripled over the last 30 years. If the trend is allowed to continue through our parental neglect, inaction, or indifference, it is possible that the numbers will quadruple in another ten years.
Childhood obesity: A chubby kid is not equal to healthy
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Product Review: MySlim Detox and Fat Burner Drink

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

     She's always on a diet, one of the few things that my very close friends and relatives would tell you if asked to describe me. It's true, I've been on a yo-yo diet almost half of my life. It all started during my elementary days when I realized that wearing a size 33 jeans and a very loose boy's shirt doesn't look good on photos. I became very conscious of my body-huge thighs (can't complain it's in the genes), flabby arms, bulging belly and don't forget the chubby cheeks. My self-esteem was very low and I veered away from attending parties and gathering where dressing up is a must. 

     From diet pills, to slimming teas, to fat reducing creams-gels-lotions, to protein shakes and foods that's designed to loose weight and machines that make you sweat without working out, name it I've tried it all. It's only during my pre and post pregnancy that I realized exercise and balanced diet is the key to have a healthy body. 

     So when I realized that I need to be healthy and practice clean living (less drinking and partying), there's still something wrong with me. I'm very dedicated when it comes to exercise, even if I'm very tired from mommy duties I still find time to burn fat through cardio and toning exercises. I don't eat rice, just meat and veggies for the longest time now. I sometimes indulge by having cheat days by drinking milk tea and eating pastries. So what's this "wrong thing" that I'm saying here. I still have some underlying fats that very stubborn and I don't know what to do. I don't want to go under the knife because it's very expensive and there's a downtime. 

     I've been searching for new trends in slimming and came across mySlim last year at 7-11 during my stay at NKTI where my father is having his dialysis. I'm so curious because this red bottle was very attractive and the words just got me sold. I consumed around 3 bottles for 2 weeks and the effect that it gave me was very different from the effects that I felt before. I wasn't able to track down my progress with mySlim since I'm very busy with my father's dialysis sessions. 

     Two months ago, our friends from Vida Nutri Science send me mySlim detox and fat burning drink and I'm very happy and excited because I know this product really works. They sent 2 boxes of mySlim in sachet form that I consumed for more than a month because I only drink 1-2 sachet every week. I'm so satisfied with the results, it gave me more energy to be on full blast and burned some stubborn fats on my body. Here's an excerpt from MySlim literature
Have a Blast! Burn Fat Fast with MySlim! Stress, the food we eat and other factors increase the amount of toxins in our body. Toxins prevent our bodies from functioning properly; losing weight is particularly difficult if you have a lot of toxins. Not to worry, mySlim has created a delicious and refreshing drink that does these three things: detoxify, boost energy and burn fat. The science behind this sugar-free drink is in these three key ingredients: Palatinose, Carnipure and EFLA920.
     It seems like losing weight is only fun when you're already losing it, not when you're just starting. Do you see any commercials showing overweight girls having fun in a gym or rocking it out on a yoga mat? Nope. But that is the reality. Otherwise, you wouldn't be thinking of buying a fat burner. But mySlim has you in mind. It knows you're shy with the kind of body you have now. And you want to lose some weight before you sign up for gym or for that zumba class. You want a little less jiggle before you start jogging. mySlim is formulated to help you detoxify and burn fat even when you're just doing your daily activities like work, cleaning your apartment, having coffee with friends, etc. To see how MySlim works, click here :)

MySlim Detox and Fat Burner Drink

MySlim Detox and Fat Burner Drink
MySlim and detox fat burner drink in sachet
size: 31g
4 sachets x 31 g/box
Now MySlim Slimming drink and capsule is available.
Its FDA/ BFAD approved and all its active ingredients are Clinically tested.
Product Review: MySlim Detox and Fat Burner Drink
MySlim Capsule and MySlim Slimming Drink
MySlim – Yerba Mate Drink ( Sachet )276 php / box of 4 sachets (Around $6.12+)
MySlim – Yerba Mate Drink ( Ready to Drink) , Php 89.00 per bot 
MySlim Slimming Capsule ( 30’s ) , Php 540.00 per bot ( 30 capsules)

place bought: Free
Available Available in all 7 eleven , Mercury Drugstores , Watsons, Robinsons supermarket, Southstar drugstores, Landmark Supermarket, Rose Pharmacy, LCC Bicol, Three Sixty Pharmacy, St. Joseph Drugstores, Budget Mart Boracay, 24 Seven Quickmart Boracay, Lopues East Center – Dept Store Bacolod, 360 Pharmacy – Cebu, NCCC HB1- Davao

instructions for use: Stir the contents until fully dissolved, best to drink at the comfort of your home, preferably in the evening when you're not busy. Drink after a meal. Drink 2 sachets PER WEEK, maximum of 2 sachets per week or every other day.

ingredients: Isomalt (Palatinose), sucralose, purified water, Mate leaf powder extract (Ilex paraguariansis, L-Carnitine, Ascorbic acid, Caramel color, Sodium benzoate and acidulant (citric acid)

active ingredients: EFLA 920/Finomate- Yerba Mate from Switzerland, Carnipure- L Crnitine from Lonza, Basel Switzerland, Palatinose- Low Glycemic from Palatinit GmBH, Mannheim Germany
mySlim detox and Fat Burner Drink Sachet
MySlim Detox and Fat Burner Drink
What I like:

  • Available in a small bottle and sachet, it's handy, very convenient and travel friendly. 
  • I don't have to drink it everyday. 
  • Taste like regular strawberry juice drink. 
  • No adverse reaction on my skin and total well being during the time I'm taking it. 
  • Boosts my energy even if I'm not working out, I feel so energetic doing household chores. 
  • No vowel irritation or diarrhea experienced unlike other diet products that I've tried before. 
  • The packaging is full of product information ensuring me that I know what the ingredients that I'm drinking. 
  • It's BFAD approved. 
  • Last 5 pounds in a month combined with right diet and exercise. No starving and suppressing of appetite. 
  • Now it's available in capsule form.
  • Easily accessible.

What I don't like:

  • Gave a slight headache on the first day of drinking it. 

Will I repurchase? Yes!

     I give this a 4.5/5 recommendation. Even if I'm not drinking this everyday, I feel the effect of mySlim in boosting my energy and burning fat. It's not an appetite suppressant kind of drink that's why you can still enjoy eating but it will help you burn more calories because of the energy it can give you. I'm leaving this post with an inspiration photos from individuals who lost weight with MySlim. 

Look good, feel better, bet your best! 

     MySlim can help you gain confidence to START your weight loss journey because you lose weight just by doing your every day activities. Remember, don't think this is a license to overeat, you will cancel the effects if you eat more than you used to. And when you have lost some weight, you'll be more confident to engage in physical activity where mySlim can help you lose even more weight. For more updates and product information please visit and like their:

Facebook page: MySlim
MySlim Detox and Fat Burner Drink
MySlim Detox and Fat Burner Drink
Good Times!~

DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me by VidaNutriScience for a review. The thoughts expressed here are my honest opinion about the product


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