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5 Countries Which Spend More on Weight Loss

Thursday, April 10, 2014

5 Countries which spend more on weight loss

     With the increased number of problems that are resulting out of the obesity or weight gain, there is increased awareness in different nations and the people staying in them. Obviously, the countries that rank top in obesity percent of people are also likely to spend more on the strategies that help in weight loss. But, some assumptions might go wrong due to which the return of investment that is spent in weight loss strategies might not be so impressive. This low ROI could be due to several reasons like choosing wrong strategy, not implementing the strategy in a right way, not educating the people about the important of controlling the weight and several other unnoticed issues that would cause the failure of the strategies employed for weight loss.
5 Countries Which Spend More on Weight Loss
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     All the efforts that the countries have put in for motivating and bringing the desired weight loss might not have succeeded. While few countries were able to increase the expected life span of the individuals by investing in health care not all of those who spent more of their budget on health care have succeeded in achieving their goals either on weight loss or on other health aspects and problems. Let us look at those top 5 countries ranked in terms of spending expenditure on obese.


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