Random Giveaway Winnings

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

     Hello dearies! Do you love joining giveaways? If the answer is YES, well me too! If you're a long time reader of this blog I'm sure you know that I always win from giveaways that I join. I can say that I'm a giveaway/contest addict. I've been joining mini and huge giveaways for the past three years and luckily I always grab either the grand or consolation prizes. I mentioned that I love joining giveaways but there came a time that I just lost my interest in joining any kind of contests and giveaways on blogs that I follow, Facebook and Twitter. If my memory serves me right it's been six month that I rarely or never joined any of them. But two months ago I simply missed logging my entries on the rafflecopter, sharing contest banners and re-tweeting hashtags thus I became active again in this addictive world of online contests, promos and giveaways.

     So to inspire my readers that reading blog posts is not only informative but lots of fun too because of prizes, here's the photos of products that I got as prizes from the giveaways and contests that I joined recently. I'll post the links where I joined and if you have time you can read my past winnings too. Click CONTINUE READING to see these wonderful prizes :)
Essence Stays No Matter What Eyeliner Essence All About Curl plus Volume Mascara 
     If you do not believe in the word luck, well I really, really do! I won this Essence Stays No Matter What Eyeliner and Essence All About Curl plus Volume Mascara in the Facebook fan page of Essence Philippines when my sister tagged my name and I just shared the giveaway poster. I'm the last sharer so I can say I'm lucky when the electronic raffle picked up my name :)

Sample Room Haul for the month of October

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

     Hello dearies! This gonna be a late post for all the products that I got from Sample Room last October. I think this was the biggest haul that I got from them so far. I already  made a review of Digestics Probiotic + Fiber so if you want to know my thoughts just click HERE. Well, I really love Sample Room but I'm having a hard time getting my sample because my roommates are so fast in getting new samples. So if you want to grab your samples from them better wait for the announce and always check their website from time to time :) 
Sample Room Haul for the month of October
Celeteque Hydration Makeup Remover Wipes
Digestics Probiotic + Fiber

Product Review: Digestics Probiotic Food Supplement

Sunday, October 27, 2013

     Eating the right kind of food everyday is a hard protocol for me because I always count the calories that I load in my body and not the kinds of food found in the food pyramid. If you're a long time reader of this blog, I'm sure you've read my stories about dieting and pushing myself to stay fit and healthy. It's very hard you know when you were born in a family who loves to eat. Despite the unhealthy eating habits and the drinking sesh weekly, I always make sure that there's something in my diet that will help me expel toxins in my body. I'm a regular user of psyllium husk fiber for four years now that's why I'm brave enough to junk all the starches and oils in my body. But that's unhealthy and don't do that even if you're drinking supplements that will reduce the bad fats in the body because it's insane that you're trying to live a healthy lifestyle but you're ingesting unhealthy stuff, see the picture?

     Nowadays, people become more and more aware of the supplements that will help them lose the bad fat and cholesterol in their system in a very easy and convenient way. All the food that we eat gets easily digested if we have healthy stomach so good bacteria is needed to make our tummies happy! Just recently, Sample Room introduced this newest supplement in the market today that contains fiber and probiotics in one. Introducing Digestics, click CONTINUE READING to know more about this wonderful product.
Digestics Probiotic Food Supplement


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