Sample Room Products for November and December

Sunday, December 29, 2013

     Hello dearies! Happy Sunday to all :) Did you noticed that I seldom make skin care and beauty haul post aside from Sample Room haul? To tell you honestly, I have so many unused skin care and makeup products that was given to me for review. I'm road testing it one by one that's why instead of buying my favorite products, I oblige myself from using them so that I can make a more in-depth observation about the positive and negative results. 

     So to start, I grabbed another sample of Colour Collection Matte Lipstick in Pinkish Nude then added some Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Lotion that I'll be giving away as prize for my December Member of the Month. My sister swears by this lotion so instead of using it, I want one of you to experience the effectiveness of the product.
Sample Room Products for November and December

Collective Giveaway Winnings II

Thursday, June 20, 2013

     Exactly a month ago I posted the first part of my collective winnings and I'm very thankful for the prizes and my first magazine feature courtesy of BDJ Box and Pantene Philippines. I told   you in this post HERE that there's another batch of prizes from the giveaways that I've joined. So here it is, the second part of my giveaway winnings from January to May. I will randomly post the photos of the prizes here because I forgot the date when I won the said giveaways, old age I guess? Haha! I'm very happy to share this second part of the giveaway winnings I accumulated for the past few months because one of the giveaways that I've joined made my entry be featured in Smart Parenting magazine. My story for Wilkins Moms Know Best is one of the the runners-up and will be featured on the September issue. The story that I shared there is not beauty or skin care related. It's all about being a mother. I'll post the link of my story here and hope that it will serve an inspiration to all moms and parents out there. Another reason why this post is very delayed because some of the prizes had to be claimed personally like the Godiva Skin Care Set which I claimed during the Bloggers United 5 event while the cash prize and Wilkins GCs at the Ogilvy office. As a full-time mom, I have to schedule the claiming of prizes during hubby's rest day when he can look after my son. I will just make this post quick, thank you for reading dears!

Wilkins Moms Know Best Share Your Story Promo
runner-up prize: P5,000 cash, P5,000 Wilkins Gift Certificate, publication in Smart Parenting magazine.


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