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Watsons + SNOE Beauty Haul

Thursday, October 25, 2012

     Hello there! Just a quick haul post for today. I asked Kenzo to watch Little Einsteins from the TV so I'm here typing faster than the usual because I told him this: mommy will borrow the laptop, count 1-10! Hehehe! So last weekend I went shopping to replenish my bath essentials and look what I found at Watsons, a charcoal toothbrush! My toothbrush brand is Colgate but the charcoal thing-y caught my attention so I decided to buy it and see what's the difference from the regular bristles. I ran out of conditioner and my plan was to try the Dove conditioner for color-treated hair. I haven't seen this variant before and I'm not sure if it's available here already. My cousin mentioned it to me a month ago. I tried looking for it at Watsons and Sm supermarket but I found none. My second option was Color Me Happy but it's OOS so my last resort was Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner and it's my 2nd bottle now. 
Pure Beauty Treatment conditioner
Watsons Charcoal toothbrush
     Since I'm very busy lately and have no time to book for an appointment at my fave waxing salon, I just bought this hair removal paper and use the remaining Strip It wax that I won from a giveaway. I ran out of facial wipes and the aloe vera variant was OOS so I opted for the green tea instead.
Glam Works Hair Removal Paper
Purederm Makeup Cleansing Tissues in Green Tea
     Restocking my fave soaps from Snoe for the nth time, No.5 Vitamin C Rich Calamansi Beauty Bar and No. 10 The Special Black Bleaching Bar. Back to this soaps after finishing No.3 Special Kojic Glutathione Soap.
Vitamin C Rich Calamansi
The Special Black Bleaching Bar
     Will end my post here loves, stay safe and have a goodnight sleep :D Kenzo's time now :D

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Skin Care Hauls+ My First Zalora Purchase

Thursday, August 30, 2012

     How's everyone? I miss you guys! :D Finally I'm back to regular programming after being MIA. I'm already getting used to my father's situation and I'm very thankful to those who prayed for me and my dad. Thank you Lord for giving us patience and strength to cope with the obstacles that we're facing now.

     This is another overdue post but I know it's worth sharing since I'm adding a new skin care product to my regimen. If you follow me on twitter, I mentioned in my tweets weeks ago that I'm suffering from acne breakouts. Maybe it's because of stress or some hormonal changes in my body. I didn't changed my skin care routine for more than months now so I really don't know the culprit behind those red and nasty zits. I'm tired of just letting it go- my pimple per se. I usually ignore a pimple or two before but they left my face with dark spots/marks. So I decided to look for a budget friendly pimple spot treatment to lessen irritation and post acne marks. After reading reviews and comparing one product from another, I decided to gave these zit zappers a try plus I restocked on Maybelline Make Up Remover (Eye and Lip) and Purederm Make Up Cleansing Tissues.
Celeteque Acne Solutions Acne Spot Corrector Gel
Maybelline Make Up Remover Eye and Lip
Quick FX Pimple Eraser
Purederm Makeup Cleansing Tissues
     Maybe you're already familiar with Celeteque's Acne Solution line and I guess most of you have tried this pimple treatment. I will say my thoughts about this zit zapper soon. If you're wondering what Quick FX Pimple Eraser is, then wait for my review :D This pimple eraser promises to lighten pimple marks and prevent new pimples from popping up. Been using this for a week now and haven't seen any drastic changes on the intensity of the pigmentation. I will update you guys once I've seen some lightening on my dark spots. 

     Anyhoo, Yay to my first Zalora purchase!!! My eyes are glued on this loafers months ago but quite hesitant to buy this online because I'm afraid that it won't give me a nice fit. I'm not sure if I'm a size 8 or 9 which always happens when I'm buying a new pair of shoes on the store itself. 
Tomato Loafers
Tomato Loafers
     Sooo happy with my first purchase! Will definitely buy my next pair at Zalora again :D Another outfit post soon?! Thanks for visiting my blog dearies! Don't forget to join my 1st Year Anniversary Giveaway here: http://kittykittiekath.blogspot.com/2012/08/dear-kitty-kittie-kaths-1st-year.html

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Random Gifts

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

     As promised, I will continue my post today. Sorry for leaving incomplete deets about what I received recently. If you'll notice, I already placed the Bloglovin' badge on my sidebar. So follow this blog with Bloglovin'

     Anyhoo, most of the items were given by my youngest sister. I'm the eldest among my six siblings, two brothers and three sisters. I know it's weird that she's the one sending me gifts, she's  really sweet and caring that's why I made this post to show that I really appreciated her kindness. 

1. DEOMAX All- Around Deodorizer in Citrus (Orange) and Fresh Linen Scent (Pink)
4. Unbranded Hair Bun Maker
5. Unbranded Cologne/Perfume Atomizer
6. Multi-colored Earring
7. San San Eyeliner Pen in Brown

      Excited much for this gifts! Will blog everything later. I feel sleepy now. Laterzzz! Will make a review on San San eyeliner this coming weekend. I will also use the earrings on my upcoming OOTD if the situation permits. I want to update my blog now but my son keeps on bugging me. We're sharing one laptop all the time. He's watching Little Einsteins on Youtube while I'm reading posts and editing reviews that's why there are times you'll see typo error on my entry. Hope you'll understand. Have a great day ahead! 

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Hg's Haulin' Part II

Saturday, March 31, 2012

     Hi dearies! How's your Saturday morning? I'm craving for some milk tea and cream puff :) I'm not sure if I'll satisfy my cravings later when we go outside because I still have a lot of house chores to do. I'm a bit lazy today and sleep deprived again :( My son is not feeling well. He wasn't able to sleep comfortably due to his coughs and colds. He cries every now and then because of his clogged nostrils. How I wish I can put a magic spell so that he'll feel better right away. 

     I'll make this post quick by sharing what I bought yesterday after my father's check up at Asian Eye Institute TriNoma. Here's what I got:
SNOE White Organic Green Papaya
Plastic bottles and containers
     I'm on my 2nd bar of these soaps and I'm lovin' it. I use it alternately with my All Oragnics Soap in Calamansi and Singkamas while I'm on my 4th pack of this facial wipes. That's all for now. Have a great day ahead. Enjoy your weekend!

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Product Review: Purederm Make-Up Cleansing Tissues in Green Tea

Thursday, January 12, 2012

     Hi everyone! I'm finally back on track after holiday stress and pigging out on unhealthy foods. My mind is set now to be back in shape and continue my product reviews on blog sphere. My first review this year came from a product substitute. I don't intend to buy this cleansing wipes because I already have my favorite wipes which is Neutrogena but I ran out of it so I need to look for a substitute because we are going out of town that time. I saw this facial wipes on the Purederm mask section and comes in three variants. I got Aloe Vera and Green Tea.
Pure Derm Make-Up Cleansing Tissues
Green Tea variant


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