My Intentions for 2020

Thursday, January 09, 2020

     Here comes New Year and all things resolution. I've seen a lot of friends sharing lists, ideas, infographics, essays, and even memes to kick off their 2020. Let's start the year right by changing one habit or attitude at a time. Do you have a New Year's resolution or intentions for 2020?

     I became serious about my health and fitness journey six months ago because of a medical condition that prevents me from having another baby. I said to myself that apart from regular exercise, I will also follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, more sleeping hours, and less stress. All these intentions are focused on the physical aspect or area of life and that includes our health. If you are also focusing on being the best version of yourself this year, sharing tips and my personal views on health and wellness after the jump.

My Intentions for 2020
One of my intentions last year is to be STRONG. Yes for a stronger for 2020!

Fitness Playground MNL 2018

Monday, July 23, 2018

     One of Asia’s biggest fitness events is bringing together the active and the high-spirited of all ages and from all walks of life. Fitness Playground MNL 2018 is happening on September 29 and 30, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia.

     Set to inspire all fitness enthusiasts and newbies alike, the event is the venue for each and every activity that an individual might want to embark on his or her journey to becoming fit: zumba, jiu-jitsu, yoga, cycling, CrossFit, circuit training, pilates, and many more. 

Fitness Playground MNL 2018

The Global Mala Project

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

     Healthy lifestyle is the in thing today. If  you think that traditional exercises in the gym is boring, there are many forms of exercise that will condition your mind and body. One of the popular forms of exercise and meditation today is yoga. In line with this, I would like to interest you in one of the event that will happen for a cause. The Global Mala Project, the largest unified worldwide yoga event, will occur on September 26th, in line with the United Nation’s Day of Peace and the Fall Equinox at WhiteSpace Manila.
The Global Mala Project
     Dedicated to promote peace and positive change through yoga, as well as raise social consciousness and funds for noteworthy causes, The Global Mala Project is Teresa Hererra’s annual heart project. Seeking to create a “mala around the earth,” (In traditional yoga, a mala is a set of beads, used to focus awareness during meditation) she was inspired by her yoga mentor and the Global Mala Project’s founder Shiva Rea, to bring the event to our shores. As a model, environmentalist, and yoga teacher, Teresa shares the vision of her mentor in creating a positive energy through yoga that would pulsate around the world. In the recent months, she has been working closely with event producers and yoga centers around Manila to ensure the success of this event. All of the event collaborators are doing the work completely pro-bono, to ensure that 100 % of its proceeds go to charity. This year’s event will benefit Children’s International.
The Global Mala Project
     Yoga is a union of body and mind. When you practice yoga, you put yourself in a state of openness and grace. From this place, mindfulness stems and we make conscious decisions for ourselves and for our world around us,” she emphatically shares. While the beads of the mala allow an individual to focus during meditation, it is the hope of the organizers ofthe Global Mala Project to create a chain of connection and compassion among those who will be a part of it. “There is no pre-requisite to begin this practice. Just an open mind and an open heart. Hope to see you on the mat,” is Teresa’s message to the class attendees. 
The Global Mala Project
Parking will be available for the Global Mala Project on September 26, 2015 at the following locations:
Whitespace Manila
2314 Don Chino Roces Avenue Ext. Makati City 
Open All-Day 
Free Parking

EcoPlaza Building
2305 Don Chino Roces Avenue Ext. Makati City
Open All-Day
Pay Parking: Php 50.00 first 2 hours, Php 25.00 for every succeeding hour

Makati Hope Christian School
2312 Don Chino Roces Avenue Ext. Makati City
Open until 3:30pm only
Pay Parking: Php 50.00

For more information on The Global Mala Project Manila
Like them on Facebook: Global Mala Project Manila
Follow them on Instagram: @globalmalamanila 

Fitness First's #PushYourLimits Outdoor Challenge

Sunday, March 08, 2015

     Eat clean, go to the gym and look mean! I always want to live by this mantra, live a healthy lifestyle and exercise at least thrice a week for the rest of my life. But TIME is the number one excuse, always an excuse why I can't commit to this kind of lifestyle. In this day and age, having a fit and fabulous body is hard to maintain, let alone achieve. Busy schedules and fast-paced lifestyles make it difficult for people to eat healthy and find time to exercise. 

     My mother is a member of Fitness First Club Philippines and I have seen what one of their fitness club looks like. It's been ages since I visited their SM Fairview branch and methinks now is the right time to rekindle my love for fitness :) I exercise at home but it's not enough because I want something new, something that will challenge my muscles in multiple directions. So yesterday, I've pushed my limits and gave in to Fitness First's outdoor challenges. Click CONTINUE READING to see what happened at Fitness First's #PushYourLimits event!
Fitness First's #PushYourLimits Outdoor Challenge
     Workout and push your limits even if you're not wearing your gym outfit, this scenario happened yesterday and that's what Fitness First wanted us to experience. Fitness First stands by the fact that exercise is essential to one’s health and that having a hectic lifestyle is no excuse not to get fit. That is why Fitness First created freestyle areas in their clubs which allow you to exercise and move with purpose. They focus on dynamic movement training, movements that will challenge one's muscles in multiple directions, combining as many muscle groups as possible to challenge you and get you moving in the way nature intended.

     The event happened at the Bonifacio High Street Activity Center in Global City Taguig yesterday with the objective of showing how exercise can be incorporated in everyday tasks and without the need for exercise machines. 

     There are four different fitness areas to test one’s strength, endurance, flexibility, and speed in a very fun and engaging way. Bloggers and invited guests together with Fitness First ambassadors and celebrities got the chance to see how they measured up against what an average person could accomplish. What’s more, the challenges could be completed without the need to be in workout clothes. We took the outdoor challenges wearing these outfits!
Fitness First's #PushYourLimits Outdoor Challenge
With Michelle, Rochelle, Jen, Sheree- Fitness First brand ambassador, Kaye and Moi :)
     To test their speed, participants were engaged in drills using the agility ladder. This is the most effective tool for training speed and improving footwork. 

     For endurance, Kaye and I was asked to lift shopping bags progressively being filled with Gatorade bottles after every round. This type of weight training workout improves your ability to do everyday chores such as carrying a bag of groceries or lifting your young child. From 3 Gatorade bottles up to 16 bottles (8 each bag) I survived the challenge but barely felt my arms after though. Hahaha!

     Participants also tested how strong they were by the number of times they could flip large tires. The entire body needs to be engaged when you flip the tire, which is perfect for improving over-all strength and conditioning. 
Fitness First's #PushYourLimits Outdoor Challenge
Flexibility Challenge area
     Lastly, Carlo, Rochelle and I tried a series of progressive Vinyasa poses. Vinyasa has both mental and physical benefits, synchronized breathing relaxes the mind and the movements significantly improve flexibility. The 3 of us passed the test and it's soo hard since it's my first time to try these Yoga poses. I literally felt the stretch and muscle burning after each poses.
Fitness First's #PushYourLimits Outdoor Challenge
We're rocking the tree pose here :)
Fitness First's #PushYourLimits Outdoor Challenge
The extremely hard Crane Pose for beginners like me!!!
     All these challenges were performed under the expert guidance of Fitness First Fitness Instructors. For every fitness challenge completed, each participant received a raffle entry for a chance to win free 3-month memberships. What’s more, free health checks were made available to all guests. 

     But more than just participating in the challenges, Fitness First encouraged the participants to push their limits, to try and exceed what their bodies could normally endure. After the challenges I realized the importance of including exercise as part of my everyday routine and that exercise can be fun and can be done anytime without the need for exercise machines. Mommies like me can benefit a lot from simple exercises that can be done at home and at Fitness First Club Philippines!

You may visit any Fitness First branch to learn more about Freestyle or go to their website at


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