5 Easy Ways to Keep You and Your House Germ-Free this Holiday Season

Thursday, December 28, 2017

     The most wonderful time of the year, but little would you know that germs are celebrating in every corner of our homes. Since gatherings, parties, and celebrations are happening here and there, germs can also be found in Christmas decors, kitchen sink, bathroom, and laundry area. But fret not because there are simple ways that you just need to follow to survive the merry yet craziest season of the year.

     Everyone in our family knows that I'm a clean freak. I make sure that everything's clean and in order every day- holiday or not. I'm the master when it comes to "everything clean" in our house that's why the tips that I'll be sharing are the things that I always do to keep our house free from germs throughout the year.

5 Easy Ways to Keep You and Your House Germ-Free this Holiday Season

5 Easy Ways to Keep The House Germ-Free this Holiday Season

     The scenario: you have to set-up your Christmas Tree with all the flashy accessories that glitter from day to night. You're all set for the gatherings and reunions and you're the host this time. But you're also having jitters about the mess, dirt, and germs the holiday season brings. Worry not! Here are the 5 Easy Ways to Keep You and Your House Germ-Free this Holiday Season

5 Easy Ways to Keep You and Your House Germ-Free this Holiday Season

1. Place the dust cleaner, lint roller, and microfiber towel in a small basket. Keep it handy so when an emergency arises like a little spill of drink, a dust covering the Christmas decor, or hairs on the sofa takes place, that small basket is ready to rescue you.

5 Easy Ways to Keep You and Your House Germ-Free this Holiday Season

2. A microfiber dish towel at home is a lifesaver especially if there's a water dripping from the hands after hand washing. It can also be used as a floor mat outside the bathroom and in the kitchen near the sink where water is always present.

5 Easy Ways to Keep You and Your House Germ-Free this Holiday Season

3. Make sure to have a germicidal soap in the laundry area. After washing the clothes, wash hands properly with soap like Safeguard to clean any residue from the detergent.

5 Easy Ways to Keep You and Your House Germ-Free this Holiday Season

4. The kitchen will literally be dirty this holiday season. If you're hosting a party, make sure to wipe down the kitchen from time to time. Have a paper towel handy. Be sure to stock-up on germicidal soap because washing of hands will be non-stop. Those who are preparing the food need to have clean hands at all times while the guests are encouraged to wash their hands too.

5 Easy Ways to Keep You and Your House Germ-Free this Holiday Season

5. It's always a must to stay clean and fresh throughout the holidays. Take a bath every day especially after parties. Make sure that you have a germicidal body wash or soap ready in the bathroom for quick clean-ups.

5 Easy Ways to Keep You and Your House Germ-Free this Holiday Season

     The holiday season can be stressful but there are ways where we can lessen all the hassles it brings. Always remember to enjoy the season, be merry, and vigilant of germs at the same time. If you have simple ways on how to protect yourself from germs then do it more often during the holidays. Merry Christmas everyone :)

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  23. These are really great tips to keep ourselves and our house germ-free. Thanks for sharing.


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