From A Mom to Mom- Safeguard's 'Pabaon Sa Buhay'

Thursday, July 05, 2018

     I'm sure that all of you saw the heartwarming and inspiring video of Norman King- the first Aeta who graduated from the University of the Philippines. It's an achievement that all parents can be very proud of. I also graduated from UP and yes, my parents are so proud of me until now. 

     The Safeguard "Pabaon Sa Buhay" short film is a real-life story of how a mother’s ‘pabaon’ of life lessons & values protected her son’s indigenous identity in the outside world. The lessons of Warlita King enabled her son Norman to be the first ever Aeta to graduate from the Philippines’ premier state university. I'm sure that all moms have 'pabaon sa buhay' to their children and as a mom, I want to pass on the provisions in life that my mama taught me to my son.

From A Mom to Mom- Safeguard's "Pabaon Sa Buhay"

     My parents were just high school graduates but they were able to give us a favorable life. We have a bakery and mini grocery at that time and I can say that we are financially well off. Despite this, my parents, especially my mom kept her feet on the ground. She would always remind me to be patient, hard-working, and respectful to everyone. 

From A Mom to Mom- Safeguard's 'Pabaon Sa Buhay'
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     They taught us how to be responsible at an early age. Even if we were spoiled materially, they instilled in us the importance of those values I mentioned above. At 5, I can sweep the floor, make the bed, and fold my clothes. All of these values and house chores taught me to become a responsible daughter. When I got married, the transition was easy. I don't need to hire a house help since I can do all the mommy duties by myself. 

From A Mom to Mom- Safeguard's "Pabaon Sa Buhay"

     But there's one dilemma that I need to face- wanting to keep my son close & protected or letting him go out and explore the world, to learn and grow by himself. After seeing Safeguard's heartwarming video, I was able to relate on how I make sure that I impart the #PabaonSaBuhay that I learned from my parents. I know my son, Kenzo will take these with him all throughout his life and that these will serve as his protection even when I am not with him.

From A Mom to Mom- Safeguard's 'Pabaon Sa Buhay'

Safeguard's "Pabaon Sa Buhay"

     Ang natutunan niya sa bahay, proteksyon niya sa buhay. (What he learns at home protects him in life). There is a universal challenge parents face in bringing up their children, having to balance the desire to keep them close and protected with letting them go explore the world to learn by themselves. At Safeguard, they strive to help parents overcome this tension by fostering a healthy independence between parents and children. Essential to this are the ‘pabaon’ parents give their children —be it an everyday lunchbox, the life-saving habit of hand washing or life lessons—which will help protect them as they explore the world on their own

     Safeguard’s Long Lasting Protection helps you prepare your kids to go out into the world. Mothers can be confident that their children are protected continuously against germs after a bath or hand wash with Safeguard, empowering them to let go. Safeguard shared the touching story of Norman King and the life lessons he received from his mother, in hopes to inspire parents all around the Philippines to impart their personal ‘pabaon’ to help protect their children in life,

     Be sure that your children are always protected even outside the home. Give them the protection that lasts with your own “Pabaon sa Buhay.” Join the conversation and share with us your own “Pabaon sa Buhay” stories online with the hashtags #PabaonSaBuhay and #Safeguard.

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  1. My family is well protected from bacteria! Thank you safeguard!

  2. This is so true Ms Kath😢 I am very much relate to this pabaon campaign. Thru this, i remember Mama's words , she has this big impact esp bout being a mother so soon. Now i am a mother too, i now understand her, her protection though wanting to let go too. :)
    And this reminds me to keep my fam protected from germs wd safeguard.

    1. Hi Lovell,

      Thank you so much for sharing this. I agree that our moms have big impact on us.

  3. ang cute pa ni Alden shy kasi kiddos ko magdance 😃


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