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Friday, July 20, 2012

     Hello there! My apologies for MIA. It's been a very busy and fulfilling week for me :D I have so many things to tell you guys. I don't know where to start. Hehehe! I realized that it's been a week since my last post and backlogs are piling up again. So to start with, I will share to you what I bought last weekend during my recent trip to SM North and Trinoma. Do you still remember my post about Just Sharing? I'm happy that I tolerated myself from buying more than three items during the sale. I decided not to look or hold the items that caught my attention. I want to thank my fellow bloggers for giving recommendations on choosing the right bag. I will tell everything on my next posts.

     Nothing happened during the sale (Saturday and Sunday). I went home with the usual things that I have. It was Monday when the hubby decided to shop for Kenzo's new clothes. He also told me that I need to buy something even if it's sale or not. I'm still confused because I saw stylish bags that I want to take home with me but I lacked the courage to buy it thinking that it will just sit on my closet. It's already closing time and we passed by the dept. store and hubby saw travelling bags on display. The colors were catchy. The moment hubby stopped and handed me this bag, he said let's buy this. Without hesitations I ended up buying the bag. 
Grab Travelling Bag
     I'm a happy girl :D It's very spacious and the color goes on with any outfit that I wear. I also miss bringing big bags with me. So now on my next purchase, it's my new shoes! My original plan is to buy a comfy flats. I wanted to buy the Sole Mate flats which is on a buy 2 pairs for only 399. There's a lot of designs and colors to choose from but again I can't choose! Last Tuesday after my photoshoot, I went to SM Fairview just to buy a coloring book for Kenzo. I saw this wedge at So Fab. I tried it on- look at the mirror- and there bought this new pair. I don't know if it's an impulse buy but it looks like I'm happy with it. This is my third wedge and my first pair was from Shoe Box and Me
So! Fab Wedges
So! Fab Wedges
     I'm a happy girl! I bought a new bag and a new pair of shoes with no regrets (which I usually feel after buying things that I like) I guess this attitude that I have now is the realization for the true value of money now that I have a toddler who will go to school months from now. I need to be practical and save not only for myself but for my family. 

     Til my next post! So what's your latest sale finds? Share! Have a great weekend loves!

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  1. Yey you got the things you needed :D And nice shoes!!

  2. great post kath! really love reading haul posts :) yes, we all need to be practical these days because times are rough and money don't grow on trees. But it's also nice to pamper ourselves with pretty things once in awhile ;)

  3. Love the shoes dear! :))


  4. Gosh, I love those shoes! :)


  5. the wedges look fierce, kath. do an ootd the soonest. :))

    my recent hauls were shoes from s&h and that includes a wedge too. but it's killing my feet since it's really too high to walk on. they're on sale kasi that's why na-impulse buy tuloy. and yesterday i got myself an orange tote from rustans and it's my first orange bag, haha. parehas pa tayo ng haul ah, bag and shoes. :)

    and what is this photoshoot i've just read? share share share! ;))

  6. @Aya- Yup, thanks din sa advice :D Next time yung same na color na ng bag nyo ni Hazel. Hehehe

    @Hazel- Hi, thanks :D Oo nga, mabuti nga di na ko tulad ng dati na as in puro impulse buy. Hay, ang hirap kumita ng pera.

    @RaeAbigael- Hi there! Thanks dear :D

    @Nyla- Hi, thanks for dropping by :D

    @Chay- Hi Chay! How are you na?Miss na kita :D I want to see the orange tote, another addition to your collection ba yan? About the photoshoot, online shop sya. Nag model lang ako ng damit. I will share all the details pag may photos na.


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