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Feature: Edmark Philippines

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

     I always tell you, my dear readers, that "health is wealth" and we must take good care of our family's health as early as possible. I have a dialysis patient father who neglected his health because he just doesn't care about his lifestyle before. He's diabetic for more than fifteen years and yet still living an unhealthy lifestyle that time. Fast-forward today, he is reaping what he sow. Five years on dialysis is so hard but manageable as long as you have the resources and patience.  But life must go on because dialysis is the only way to prolong his life aside from kidney transplant that in my opinion has more risk. 

     Anyhoo, I just want to share in this blog post the natural and alternative products that I'm currently taking. Take not that I'm not encouraging everyone to try this too because it's still important to consult your doctor before taking any kind of food supplement or alternative products especially if you're under medication. 

Feature: Edmark Philippines


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