My Intentions for 2020

Thursday, January 09, 2020

     Here comes New Year and all things resolution. I've seen a lot of friends sharing lists, ideas, infographics, essays, and even memes to kick off their 2020. Let's start the year right by changing one habit or attitude at a time. Do you have a New Year's resolution or intentions for 2020?

     I became serious about my health and fitness journey six months ago because of a medical condition that prevents me from having another baby. I said to myself that apart from regular exercise, I will also follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, more sleeping hours, and less stress. All these intentions are focused on the physical aspect or area of life and that includes our health. If you are also focusing on being the best version of yourself this year, sharing tips and my personal views on health and wellness after the jump.

My Intentions for 2020
One of my intentions last year is to be STRONG. Yes for a stronger for 2020!

1. Your Body, Your Rules

     Before doing any fitness regimen, it is BEST to consult your doctor. Know your medical conditions first by having yourself checked. If results are good, choose an exercise or fitness regimen that suits your health condition and lifestyle. There are so many kinds of exercise classes being offered in fitness studios or gym right now, you can choose from endurance (Zumba and dance fitness), flexibility and balance (Yoga and Pilates), or strength (weight lifting). Remember that it's your body, you know it more than everyone else. You know your limits so choose the exercise routine that you think will work best for you.

My Intentions for 2020
So happy that I finally have time to attend Yoga classes. Not the perfect compass pose, but I know I'll get there. Namaste!

Tip: If you have a gym membership, attend different classes in your first month then choose the class that makes you happy. It's also a trial and error thing and in accordance with your fitness level and medical condition.

2. Your Outfit Matters

     Wearing proper exercise attire or outfit motivates you to move without limits when doing an exercise and sweat all the fats out. It is also an investment since you'll be using it not only today, until next week, or in the coming months. Your sports leggings, bras, and towels will be your buddy for life. Invest in durable brands for quality that can stand wear and tear in the long run.

My Intentions for 2020
Legging, sports bra, and shirts that I bought online. 

Tip: Buy gym clothes especially leggings one size smaller. Keep in mind that your goal is to lose weight or extra pounds so a smaller size won't hurt.

3. Bring On the Props

     There will be times that you'll feel under the weather or there are certain conditions and situations that will prevent you from going to the gym or fitness studio. Fret not because you can still do your exercise routine at home. You don't need to buy expensive equipment, you only need a mat, dumbells, jump rope, and resistance bands.

My Intentions for 2020
L-R (clockwise): Fitness Athletics Pilates Mat, unbranded dumbells, Miniso Yoga Blocks, and Decathlon Yoga Strap

Tip: If you're into Yoga, a non-slip Yoga Mat with the right amount of thickness will do. Add a strap or blocks if you are doing a pose that requires it. Proper alignment is important in most Asanas (pose or movement) and these props will help you achieve the right form of the pose.

4. Proper Nutrition Not Starvation

     Proper nutrition and sustainable diet are important factors in losing weight and maintaining a healthy body. Remember that Fitness is 70% diet and 30% workout. Diet pills, juices, coffee, and other supplements that promise a two-week result only work for that period of time. Know your body and stick to a sustainable diet or nutrition program. It's hard at first especially if you have a sweet tooth or a red meat lover. Cutting back on sugar, fats, red meat, carbs and other unhealthy and junk food can be very challenging so take one baby step at a time.

My Intentions for 2020
Home-cooked meals by the hubby. Mostly white chicken meat, tuna, and other seafood.

Tip1: Home-cooked meals are healthier because you know the ingredients that you put in your food and can save you money. If it's impossible for you to cook, diet delivery saves the day! Just know your macros and the calorie intake for a day and voila! Enjoy a healthy meal at the comfort of your home.

My Intentions for 2020
Herbalife Formula 1 Shake as a meal replacement for breakfast. I make my yummy shake by mixing 2 scoops of this powder + 1 slice ripe banana and 2 scoops of quick-cooking oats. yum!

Tip2: Still can't control your unhealthy food cravings and need something to replace one of your meals to reduce calorie intake? I highly recommend HERBALIFE! This brand has changed my eating habits and has helped me lose weight without guilt. Sharing more of HERBALIFE on my next post :)

5. Hydration is the Key

     How many liters of water can you drink per day? You've probably heard that an adult must drink around 2 liters or 8 glasses every day but not everyone does especially if you're used to drinking sodas, sugary or artificial drinks. Yes, they are liquid and can quench up your thirst but most colored drinks are not healthy. They have high calories and are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. Water is your best friend. Try to say no to these drinks and if you need motivation, invest in a reusable water bottle. From 2 liters a day, I can drink as much as 20 glasses or 5 liters a day in moderation. Yes. take sips not gulp so that it will be properly absorbed by the cells and vital organs of your body.

My Intentions for 2020
I make sure to drink 4-5 liters of water every day. Two bottles must have 1 tablespoon of Chia Seeds each. I also drink Herbalife Tea Concentrate as my fat burner.

Tip: Add a tablespoon of Chia seeds for added fiber and good cholesterol that may help you lose weight. You may also drink black and green tea for an antioxidant effect and faster metabolism.

6. Good Sleep is IMPORTANT

     According to "Short sleep duration is associated with a drastically increased risk of weight gain and obesity, in both children and adults." Not only that, if you only sleep for less than 6 hours a day, chances are you are making it easier for your physical and mental health to deteriorate faster. Lack of sleep affects our overall well-being. An adult needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep for optimal heart health, brain and mood boost, and energy throughout the day.

Tip: If you're having a hard time getting 6 hours of sleep, try to take a nap in the afternoon or when it's possible. Try to avoid sugar, caffeine, and nicotine 4 to 6 hours before going to sleep.

     These are the intentions that I have in mind to fuel my goals and vision this 2020. It can also serve as a guide on how to kickstart your fitness goals not only this year but for the years to come. It may change depending on your current situation and condition but be sure to take everything slow and in moderation. Fitness is not a journey, it is a lifestyle that you have to incorporate in your daily routine together with your basic needs.

What are your intentions for 2020? Share on the comment section below :)

Good Times!~


  1. Hey Kath,

    Exercises play crucial role in your healthy and fit life. Healthy foods are also significant like exercises to completely fit for prolong time.

    And I completely agree with your ratio of exercises and healthy diet that is 70 and 30.

    Several bodybuilder also revealed same and they also says that human body need proper amount of sleep.

    Eventually, thanks for revealing this healthy tips for us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

    1. Hello Amar Kumar,

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this post. I highly appreciate your opinion. I would love to share more tips in the future and I hope you can also comment or suggest if you have anything in mind that I was not able to tackle on that post. Have a great day!

  2. Ito ung namiss ko magbasa ng blog, dami learnings and very helpful ng mga nakasulat. And most important thing is madali syang maintindihan.

    1. Hi Peachy,

      Thank you so much! I also miss reading your comments and your thoughts about my blog post.

  3. Totoo yung your outfit matters Ms. Kath. Kapag talaga nakaworkout clothes ka, mamomotivate kang gumalaw. This is very helpful lalo na ngayon, sobrang hirap magkasakit at by doing this, proper diet and exercise nababawasan ang chance na magkasakit tayo. I hope mawala yung health issue regarding your pregnancy. Would love to witness more of your motherhood journey! GOD bless you!

    1. Hello,

      Thank you so much for this and for sharing your thoughts in my Intentions for 2020. Yes, need talaga natin mag-palakas ngayon in all aspects na pwede. Kahit ako minsan tinatamad din mag-exercise pero inuunahan ko na by wearing workout clothes pag-gising pa lang.

      Maraming Salamat dito!!! God bless you too and stay safe always!


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