Popeyes Alimall Now Open

Friday, January 03, 2020

     Chicken lovers, hear ye! Crispy, juicy, and affordable fried chicken for 2020? YES?! Finally, I've tried the mouthwatering treats from Popeyes during the grand opening of their newest branch in the North located at Ali Mall Cubao.

     It's my first time to taste the juicy and crunchy goodness of Popeyes chicken and all I can say that the flavors are poppin' inside my mouth in just one bite. Cubao foodies rejoice because Popeyes is now within your reach and has introduced its world-famous Cajun flavors in their menu. What's in store for all of you? Read more after the jump!

Popeyes Alimall Now Open

7-Eleven Crunch Time Flavorites

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

     Who here loves chicken? I presume everyone does especially deep fried ones. Everyone loves a plateful of crunchy, juicy fried chicken, but 7-Eleven is kicking things up a notch. Great news, now is the time to go crazy over fried chicken as 7-11 launches new flavors that you will surely love!

     Just when you thought your favorite meal couldn’t get any better, get ready to change the way you enjoy your fried chicken as 7-Eleven lets you flavor your crunch with their newest Crunch Time Flavorites! Have you seen or tried this yet? More information about 7-ELEVEN Crunch Time Flavorites below.

7-ELEVEN Crunch Time Flavorites 

KFC Chaco

Thursday, May 09, 2019

     I'm not a picky eater. If there's a new offering from my favorite fast food or restaurant, expect me to try it asap. Like last week, KFC unveiled another item in their food menu that will satisfy my Mexican Food loving heart.

     The brand is always game when it comes to food innovations like the Double Down, Famous Bowl, and Original Crispy Crackling. Now it's time to try another best-of-both-worlds and out of this world product that will make you say "Ay, Caramba!"- THE CHACO!

KFC Chaco

Bounty Fresh OctoberFresh World Chicken and Egg Day 2018

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

     Egg or chicken? Chicken or egg? Whichever comes first, I'm sure that everyone loves both! I presume you've seen a teaser weeks ago about Chicky and her missing egg. It took social media by storm with all the guessing as to what happened to Chicky's Egg.

     Last October 12, 2018, the egg was found just in time for the World Chicken and Egg Day celebration. Bounty Fresh, the leading Philippine-based farm-to-market poultry producer is at the forefront of the celebration that was held at the TriNoma Activity Center. It was a day full of fun and surprises because of the deals and promotion plus a giveaway of P100,000 cold cash to the lucky raffle draw winner.  

Bounty Fresh OctoberFresh World Chicken and Egg Day 2018

Feature: Reyal Litson Manok

Saturday, December 16, 2017

     Chicken will always be one of our favorite food at home. We love chicken dishes and the default viand is 'Litson Manok'. We bring this viand weekly at my parent's house for our weekend bonding. Now that gatherings and parties are at peak, thinking of what to serve or to bring for potlucks can be stressful. What to bring, what to serve? Well, I think I've found the solution- Reyal Litson Manok.

      When this Reyal Litson Manok landed on our doorstep, I hurriedly checked how it looks because as I've said, we already had tasted the famous brands available. Upon opening the package, I saw bits of garlic on top of the golden brown roasted chicken with a decent amount of sauce at the bottom. First time to hear, saw and tasted the brand and we totally can't get over it. Why? Read more below!

Feature: Reyal Litson Manok


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