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Bounty Fresh OctoberFresh World Chicken and Egg Day 2018

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

     Egg or chicken? Chicken or egg? Whichever comes first, I'm sure that everyone loves both! I presume you've seen a teaser weeks ago about Chicky and her missing egg. It took social media by storm with all the guessing as to what happened to Chicky's Egg.

     Last October 12, 2018, the egg was found just in time for the World Chicken and Egg Day celebration. Bounty Fresh, the leading Philippine-based farm-to-market poultry producer is at the forefront of the celebration that was held at the TriNoma Activity Center. It was a day full of fun and surprises because of the deals and promotion plus a giveaway of P100,000 cold cash to the lucky raffle draw winner.  

Bounty Fresh OctoberFresh World Chicken and Egg Day 2018

Bounty Fresh Giant Chicken

Saturday, September 24, 2016

     I saw a big chicken on the top of one building in Magallanes last week and that humongous animal made me smile. It's really big but it's not real because it's just an inflatable chicken. This installation is a head-turner because I've noticed that some passengers inside MRT laugh secretly and had a smile on their faces after seeing that big chicken from afar.

     Traversing the usual EDSA traffic can easily turn travel into an irritating driving experience. And as the sea of red lights becomes the highlight of the day, motorists can’t help but to look for something that could ease their frustration. EDSA fixtures that have people smiling as they drive by are giant, inflatable chicken installations courtesy of Bounty Fresh. 
Bounty Fresh Giant Chicken
One of Bounty Fresh’s giant chicken installations located at EDSA-Magallanes (south bound) has brought smiles to motorists.


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