7-ELEVEN Crunch Time Flavorites

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

     Who here loves chicken? I presume everyone does especially deep fried ones. Everyone loves a plateful of crunchy, juicy fried chicken, but 7-Eleven is kicking things up a notch. Great news, now is the time to go crazy over fried chicken as 7-11 launches new flavors that you will surely love!

     Just when you thought your favorite meal couldn’t get any better, get ready to change the way you enjoy your fried chicken as 7-Eleven lets you flavor your crunch with their newest Crunch Time Flavorites! Have you seen or tried this yet? More information about 7-ELEVEN Crunch Time Flavorites below.

7-ELEVEN Crunch Time Flavorites 

7-ELEVEN Crunch Time Flavorites:
  • Add exciting new twists to every meal at the best value for the price! 
  • Kick things up a notch by trying the new flavors- Hot and Spicy or Creamy Cheese for P10.
  • Like Korean flavors? Just add P12 and have your chicken with tangy Soy Garlic flavor or give it a bit of zing with Fiery Glaze.
  • The new Flavorites are available at selected stores nationwide so go and head over to your nearest 7-Eleven to satisfy your fried chicken craving! 

7-ELEVEN Crunch Time Flavorites 

     7-ELEVEN Crunch Time Flavorites are so yummy! My son loves the creamy cheese and soy garlic flavors, while the hubby and I love them all. It's so crunchy and tasty. I highly recommend this for lunch, snack, or dinner. It's an oh-so-yummy first bite for my son who is very particular with fried chicken. He is a picky eater that's why I'm surprised when he finished both flavors in one seating. 

Have you tried 7-ELEVEN Crunch Time Flavorites?
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  1. Creamy cheese. Nakakagutom, 12mn ko na nabasa to since open naman sila I need to grab one na.


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