Product Review: Emma Sleep "The Emma Original Mattress" Philippines

Sunday, July 25, 2021

     In a random conversation with my husband months ago, we reminisced our childhood days. We talked about the things that we missed the most and the things that we somewhat regret not doing those days. It's funny that we both missed our favorite foods, the things we do in school during our extra-curricular activities, and the daily routines from day til night. FUN FACT: We're classmates from Grade 2 to Fourth Year High School that's why we can relate and agree on trending or cringing topics from way back. Fast forward today, there's one thing that we somewhat regret not doing the most and that is having long hours of sleep when we entered junior high school. Yes, we were told that sleeping seven to nine hours a day is important, but teens like us in their growing up years kind of ignored it. 

     Now that we're in our late 30's, we are experiencing sleep problems and it's affecting our mind and body. There are many factors why an individual may experience an insufficient amount of sleep, it can be their lifestyle, age, current health condition, and stress. In my case, I'm a self-confessed coffee addict that's why when I drink coffee at night, chances are I'll be up until the wee hours of the morning. I also love chocolates and eating them after dinner has an impact too in my sleeping pattern. I've tried different ways on how to get quality sleep like listening to sleep music or watching those calming videos, drinking melatonin, applying lavender oil in temples, and turning off the lights but I still find it hard to fall asleep soundly at night. I've read in an article that having a comfortable bed, mattress, and pillow can also affect sleep that's why when Emma Sleep invited me to try their mattress, I accepted it even if there are things that I have to consider because I really want to experience quality sleep that my body is longing for years now. So without further ado, here's my honest-to-goodness review of Emma Sleep after sleeping on The Emma Original Mattress in Queen Size for three weeks.

Product Review: Emma Sleep "The Emma Original Mattress" Philippines

BLIMS Fine Furniture Celebrates 40th Year

Thursday, October 19, 2017

     Hello everyone! My apologies for not posting lately because we just moved back to our permanent address after one year of living in a condo. I don't have a stable internet connection the past weeks because of the line transfer. Anyhoo, we have decided to make improvements in our permanent address because there are so many things to 'fix' in my husband's house that was built thirty years ago.

     House renovation is not an easy task. There are so many things to consider like the plan, design, budget, appliances, and furniture. Speaking of furniture, we had a hard time choosing the right furniture for our house theme which is modern classic minimalist. If you're like me who considers investing on furniture, then there's one name you can depend on- BLIMS Fine Furniture! They recently celebrated their 40th year and I'm excited to share the highlights of the celebration below.

BLIMS Fine Furniture Celebrates 40th Year 

Expand Your Living Space this New Year with Innovation Sofa Beds

Saturday, January 02, 2016

     New year, new life, new work and for some new home. A home is more than just a house we live in, it’s a living space where most of our life’s special moments spent with family and close friends happen. We all dream of having a house that we can call our home. With that in mind, Innovation™ does not just create furniture, they create a lifestyle. And with the rising Philippine economy, we also see a continuous trend of high-rise buildings and condominiums where space is a luxury. 

     I have a friend who invested in a condominium unit somewhere in Quezon City and she told me that the only problem with most condominium units is the space- most have limited space. Even if you want to add some furniture to make the space not just a sleeping quarter, it's a pain to give it a decent partition because in reality most condo units will make you put-all-the-parts-of-the-house in one place. So to maintain the quality of living, people are looking for lifestyle hacks in condominiums to expand their living space but still adhere to their personal style and provide them with functionality. This is the primary aim of Innovation™ - to produce furniture that makes a difference in everyday life. I was invited to an intimate gathering last year and learned useful information on how to save space and money with Innovation Sofa Beds. More highlights of the event below :)
Expand Your Living Space this New Year with Innovation Sofa Beds
Brief History of Innovation™ Sofabeds

     Innovation™ was founded in 1971 in Randers, Denmark. The Head of Design is the Danish architect Per Weiss, who is responsible for the concept and design of the collections. Per Weiss has a holistic approach to design, working with industrial and textile design, but also with visual presentations and images in catalogues, at fairs and events.

     Innovation™’s core product are multi-fuctional sofas or what we commonly call as Sofabeds, which is central to the idea of maximizing space in small living rooms such as those in condominiums or even simply for the purpose of practicality. I presume some of you have seen a Sofabed already but wait Innovation Sofabeds are way different from what you usually see in the furniture stores around the metro. 

Here are the five reasons why I highly recommend Innovation™ sofabeds:

1. Aside from its original Danish design, Innovation™ sofabeds are known for their innovative “pocket springs” for sofabed cushions similar to mattresses, but better. It ensures durability for the long term and comfort for the customers. Innovation offers a wide range of mattresses with different preferences. There are three types: Spring Mattress 6-12 cm, Spring Mattress 13-16 cm and Latex Mattress.
Expand Your Living Space this New Year with Innovation Sofa Beds
2. Innovation™ Sofabeds have large fabric selection with some limited edition fabrics. These are the reasons why Innovation takes pride in their quality and design. There are sofa beds that can be customized according to your chosen fabrics. THE GOOD= Same price as the original value of the chosen model. All you have to do for customization is to choose the fabric and they will send the sofa bed back to Denmark. The fabrics that they're offering have great texture, some are scratch-proof and durable.
Expand Your Living Space this New Year with Innovation Sofa Beds
3. Production and service is essential as well. They have a certified environmental profile, which is handed out on demand. All recyclable waste like cardboard, plastic, iron and metal is separated and used in other productions. Residual, combustible waste is incinerated in low-pollution plants. Packaging is reduced to a minimum and the quantities needed for safe transportation are either reused or incinerated to produce energy.

4. Design Collection. Innovation™ sofabeds have four collections that suits your personality. I'm sure that one from the design will fit your lifestyle and your taste when it comes to mix and match theme of your condo units. 

a. The Scandinavian Touch- A collection of products that reflects the new Nordic sensitivity. Designs defined by the combination of Wooden legs and an understated upholstery character
Expand Your Living Space this New Year with Innovation Sofa Beds
The Scandinavian Touch
b. Mid-Century Modern- Midcentury Modern is a collection of products inspired by the great epoch in the history of design, which stretched from the mid-1950s to the late 1960s
Expand Your Living Space this New Year with Innovation Sofa Beds
Mid-Century Modern
c. Cozy Coz- A soft, elegant and feminine styling applied to a range of our popular multifunctional sofas
Expand Your Living Space this New Year with Innovation Sofa Beds
d. Istyle Classics- A collection of functional, durable, modern quality furniture based on the Scandinavian interpretation of functionalism
Expand Your Living Space this New Year with Innovation Sofa Beds
IStyle Classics
5. Functionality. These sofabeds functions as a sofa where you watch, work, and wonder; as a day bed where you can relax, recharge, and rejuvenate; as a bed to stretch out, sleep, and slumber IN A VERY FAST and EASY WAY. They even come equipped with four innovative mechanisms such as: Click, Lift, Flip, and Slide which transforms a sofa into a sofabed.
Expand Your Living Space this New Year with Innovation Sofa Beds
Expand Your Living Space this New Year with Innovation Sofa Beds
Expand Your Living Space this New Year with Innovation Sofa Beds
     During the intimate event with other bloggers, we were grouped into three and we were tasked to design our own space using Innovation™ sofabeds and furniture. I was teamed-up with Rodel Flordeliz and we designed our chosen sofa by adding a green accent to one of the default sofa designs inside the showroom.
Expand Your Living Space this New Year with Innovation Sofa Beds
     Thank you so much Innovation™ and Digital Circles for having me. I learned a lot during the event with the tips that was shared to us by Innovation™ home and for this fun game that brought out our creativity and made inspired us on designing our own theme and dream sofas.
Expand Your Living Space this New Year with Innovation Sofa Beds
Sitting in our nature-inspired sofa design
Visit Innovation™ in their showrooms:

4/F SM Megamall Building A, Mandaluyong City
Tel No: 998-8349/ 0917-5638984
Email Address:

G/F SM North Edsa, Interior Zone, North Avenue corner EDSA, QC

2/F LRI Design Plaza, Nicanor Garcia St., Bel Air II, Makati City
Tel. No: 403.1345 / 0917-5638985: 

For more information about Innovation™ and their sofabeds call them at
(+632) 998-8349 or send an email here: for inquiries
visit their website
Like them on Facebook:InnovationHomePH
Follow them on Instagram: @InnovationHomePH 
#ExpandYourLivingSpace #INNOVATIONSofabeds 

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Uratex Premium Mattress Collection Launch

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

     How do you define a full night's sleep? For me, a sound sleep should be at least six to eight hours and there should not be disturbances in between. If you drink a full glass of water or two before going to bed, chances are you'll be waking up in the wee hours of night to take a pee, right? After this call of nature, is it easy or hard to fall asleep again? For me it's hard! Since we are discussing about sleep and sleeping pattern here, let me share with you the highlights of Uratex Premium Mattress Collection event last May 28 at Mega Atrium.

Uratex Premium Mattress Collection Launch

Salem Elite "Bed of Both Worlds" Launch

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

     Comfort and luxury can be combined! Yes, these two were made possible by Salem during the launch of Salem Elite last January at the Mega Fashion Hall. If you're already born in the 80's I'm sure the "Hari ng Tibay" tag line has stuck in your mind and once you hear that again, Salem is the first thing that you'll associate with it.

    For more than 40 years, SALEM OCEANIC INDUSTRIES CORPORATION has been the foremost producer of beds in the Philippines. If you are looking for nothing but the best beds, bedroom accessories and furniture you've come to the right place. SALEM BED caters to everyone's need. They have everything that can match your lifestyle, discriminating taste and budget. Throughout the years "THE SALEM BED, ANG HARI NG TIBAY." have been synonymous to superior, world-class products at reasonable prices. Know more Salem their latest offerings in collaboration with the powerhouse fashion stylist Cary Santiago. To see the collection and information about the Salem Elite Bed of Both Worlds launch, click CONTINUE READING now!
Salem Elite "Bed of Both Worlds" Launch


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