Uratex Premium Mattress Collection

Uratex Premium Mattress Collection Launch

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

     How do you define a full night's sleep? For me, a sound sleep should be at least six to eight hours and there should not be disturbances in between. If you drink a full glass of water or two before going to bed, chances are you'll be waking up in the wee hours of night to take a pee, right? After this call of nature, is it easy or hard to fall asleep again? For me it's hard! Since we are discussing about sleep and sleeping pattern here, let me share with you the highlights of Uratex Premium Mattress Collection event last May 28 at Mega Atrium.
Uratex Premium Mattress Collection Launch

     Did you know that getting a full night’s sleep is actually good for your health? A number of studies have shown that sleep affects your well being in different ways. Researchers have found out that insufficient sleep and serious health problems such as heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes and obesity are linked together. Likewise, lack of sleep lowers your pain threshold, places you at a greater risk for injuries, affects your mood, causes you to be hungrier and eat more, and affects clear thinking. I agree 100% here. I cannot concentrate when I only have fours hours of sleep, I'm furious, I'm not in the mood for jokes, I'm thirsty and so hungry and the list of negative effects goes on.
Uratex Premium Mattress Collection Launch
     According to Dr. Deborah A. Bernardo, Head of the Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center and Chief of the Section of Neurology at St. Luke's Medical Center, 
"Insomnia is the most common sleep problem. Shift work disorders are getting more common because of the BPO, entertainment and media industry. Obstructive sleep apnea, which manifests as loud snoring and stopping of breathing during sleep, is also very frequently unrecognized."
     There are several factors in achieving a good night sleep like room temperature, the lighting, the ambiance, and the mattress! Yes, one of the reason to have a full night sleep is finding the right mattress and Uratex, the leader in providing the best sleep solutions, has been supporting the advocacy on the importance of a good night’s sleep. Through tie ups with the Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine and with the studies of Dr. Deborah A. Bernardo.
Uratex Premium Mattress Collection Launch
     In order for the guests to experience superior sleep, we were asked to try a sleep simulation machine where it will tell us on what kind of Uratex Mattress suits our sleeping habit. Uratex constantly innovates the way people sleep by using the latest in technology, the best design, and luxurious materials. This is called Sleep Science, and it is this discipline that is behind the creation and design of Uratex Premium Mattress Collection.

Here are the reasons why you Uratex Premium Mattress will give you superior sleep at  night:

  • Best materials for soothing sleep. 
  • A variety of state-of-the-art foam are used in creating each mattress, including Senso Memory foam, latex foam, and Hydragel foam. 
  • Used in combination with premium pocket springs, Tencel fabric and 3D spacer fabric, you are assured of quiet sleep at the end of the day.
  • Uratex Premium Mattress has crafted four unique mattress collections that take into account each person’s needs. 
  • Each mattress was designed to specifically fit your body’s needs for a more personalized sleep solution. 
Uratex Premium Mattress Collection Launch
The Perfect Serenity Collection 

  • The combination of innovative foam and fabric technologies provides tranquil sleep the moment your body touches this mattress. 
  • The advanced 3D spacer fabric supplies ample ventilation throughout its surface for constant airflow for a cool, fresh feeling as you sleep. 
  • It also ensures that your mattress is clean and fresh even with constant use.
Uratex Premium Mattress Collection Launch
The Perfect Serenity Collection
The Senso Memory collection 

  • Utilizes memory foam that conforms to your body shape to evenly distribute pressure for a more comfortable sleep. 
  • The Visco-elastic foam used in this mattress remembers the shape of your body for a personalized sleep experience. 
  • The use of Tencel fabric in the main panels also keeps the mattress cool and fresh as you sleep.
Uratex Premium Mattress Collection Launch
The Senso Memory Collection
The Premium Touch collection 

  • Combines high performance pocket springs and world-class materials. 
  • Each individually wrapped pocket spring follows the shape of your body, even as you turn on your bed. 
  • To add comfort, the mattress is topped with natural latex foam to relieve the body’s pressure points. It is covered with Tencel fabric making it soft and smooth to the touch.
Uratex Premium Mattress Collection Launch
The Premium Touch Collection
The Orthocare collection 

  • For those requiring better support as they sleep, supports the body’s key pressure points and keeps them aligned to reduce aches when you wake up in the morning. 
  • The inter-connecting cell structure in high-quality foam distributes pressure equally and evenly, letting your body feel relaxed while you sleep. 
  • It also uses 3D spacer fabric to keep your mattress cool and fresh, while Tencel fabric adds a soft and smooth feel.
Uratex Premium Mattress Collection Launch
The Orthocare Collection
     Uratex Premium Mattress collaborated with Our Home to provide the public with a chic and modern venue for finding the right mattresses for their homes. During the event Dindo Medina, Uratex Corporate Sales Director, says the partnership between Uratex and Our Home will provide a venue where the public can find sleep solutions that will help improve the quality of their lives. 
Uratex Premium Mattress Collection Launch
     Ms. Pia Guanio-Magno hosted the event and interviewed special guests like Solenn Heusaff, 2013 Ms. Universe 3rd Runner-up Ariella Arida, Brazilian model Vanessa Matsunaga, celebrity chef Rolando Laudico, DJs Sam YG, Slick Rick and Tony Toni of Boys’ Night Out, and fashion blogger Camille Co. These celebrities shared their sleeping habits and the things they do including their rituals in order to have a full sleep at night.
Uratex Premium Mattress Collection Launch
2013 Ms. Universe 3rd Runner-up Ariella Arida, Brazilian model Vanessa Matsunaga, Anton Diaz and Ellen Adarna, Solenn Heusaff, chef Rolando Laudico, DJs Sam YG, Slick Rick and Tony Toni of Boys’ Night Out
“These individuals possess unique qualities that have made them role models in their respective fields, the same way that the Uratex Premium Mattress Collection will become the benchmark for luxurious soothing sleep”, concludes Medina. 
Uratex Premium Mattress Collection Launch
     Thank you so much Uratex Philippines for having me. I learned a lot from the event especially on how to get a full sleep at night. This is what I really need because I'm always sleep deprived. To tell you honestly I'm wide awake at night finding the right position to fall asleep. After undergoing the test where comfort index is measured, it showed that I need a mattress that is soft so that the pressure in my lower back will be lessened. Look at my eye bags, I need a new mattress now so that it will be less puffy. Uratex Premium Mattress is the solution for a superior sleep every night!

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