Feature: Sekaya Botanic Infusion Now in Teabags

Thursday, April 08, 2021

     I'm a self-confessed tea addict. I find drinking tea relaxing and comforting especially upon waking up in the morning or before going to bed at night. I've tried different kinds of tea already and according to research, drinking tea has health benefits for the mind and body. From black, green, oolong, and red, there's a lot of variety to choose from. It's also available in forms like loose-leaf, powdered, and teabags. 

     Heads up, tea fanatics! Sekaya Botanic Infusion is making it easier for everyone to enjoy a cup of its botanical blends any time of the day. The curated range of infusions, originally introduced in loose-leaf format, now comes in eco-friendly teabags, so you can conveniently steep and sip to enhance your health and assist the body’s self-healing functions. Scroll down to know more about Sekaya Botanic Infusion and types of tea that are currently available in the market :)

Feature: Sekaya Botanic Infusion Now in Teabags
L-R: Aftermeal Treat, Immune Brew and Skin Cleanse

Feature: Sekaya Organic Moringa

Thursday, November 12, 2020

     Mothers are simply extraordinary. We have multiple roles at home, at work, and other tasks in between. We have lots of energy, right?! But sometimes you may ask, from where do we really get all the strength and energy every day. Sometimes we forgot that being busy takes a toll on our emotional and mental wellness.⁣
     I remember that it's more challenging when I was breastfeeding my son. It lasted only for a month because I can’t produce enough breastmilk to feed my baby. I was frustrated and disappointed during that time. My mother told me that there are ways to enhance the supply of breast milk and one of them is by taking a moringa supplement.⁣ Years ago, only a few brands are available in the market and we are not sure if those non-organic sources came from pure ingredients. Fast forward today, I’m glad to know that there’s a European Union certified organic moringa from Sekaya.⁣ Know more about this brand after the jump!

Feature: Sekaya Organic Moringa

Feature: Sekaya Prescribing Nature

Sunday, June 07, 2020

     Going plant-based? I have good news for you! Did you know that using botanicals to improve one’s health is an age-old practice in many parts of the world, including the Philippines? Today, many consumers are going natural and are more conscious about the products they use.

     Not all-natural solutions in the market, however, are backed by science, producing sub-standard products that are ineffective and may be harmful to consumers. This is why for Filipino plant-based brand Sekaya, produced by Unilab’s natural products company Synnovate Pharma Corporation, the only way to create best-in-class natural products is through the convergence of nature and science. I love drinking tea and giddy to find out that SEKAYA banks on science to optimize the earth’s natural ingredients. This Filipino plant-based brand is “Prescribing Nature” by making the most out of tradition and science to produce safe, high-quality natural products. More information about the brand and its exciting product line below.

Feature: Sekaya Prescribing Nature
Drinking Sekaya Botanic Infusion Energy Mix to start my day


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