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Feature: Sekaya Botanic Infusion Now in Teabags

Thursday, April 08, 2021

     I'm a self-confessed tea addict. I find drinking tea relaxing and comforting especially upon waking up in the morning or before going to bed at night. I've tried different kinds of tea already and according to research, drinking tea has health benefits for the mind and body. From black, green, oolong, and red, there's a lot of variety to choose from. It's also available in forms like loose-leaf, powdered, and teabags. 

     Heads up, tea fanatics! Sekaya Botanic Infusion is making it easier for everyone to enjoy a cup of its botanical blends any time of the day. The curated range of infusions, originally introduced in loose-leaf format, now comes in eco-friendly teabags, so you can conveniently steep and sip to enhance your health and assist the body’s self-healing functions. Scroll down to know more about Sekaya Botanic Infusion and types of tea that are currently available in the market :)

Feature: Sekaya Botanic Infusion Now in Teabags
L-R: Aftermeal Treat, Immune Brew and Skin Cleanse

Digestive Health 101 + Tips for Kid's Healthy Digestion

Monday, November 21, 2016

     How do you take care of your kid's digestive health? It's a pretty important part of our body and to know the do's and don'ts on digestive health especially for our kiddos is a must. As a mom, I know that I need to educate my son how to take good care of his digestive health at an early age because I don't want him to grow up sluggish and complaining of stomach related pains.

     It's alarming that some kids experience digestive problems at an early age. There are some digestive problems in adults like bloating, constipation, and gas that are also present in kids of this generation. In my observation, these problems are caused by unhealthy eating habits. If you're already a mom, I presume that you'v heard stories of picky eaters and kids who eat everything or a great eater (my apologies for the lack of term) before and mother complain of the consequences of their eating habits.

Digestive Health 101 + Tips for Kid's Healthy Digestion
     Did you know that your child is prone to digestive problems if he/she doesn't have healthy eating habits? My son Kenzo also had problems with his digestive health when he was a baby. If my memory serves me right, he suffered from constipation when he was 2 years old. He's a picky eater and his water consumption is very poor. I can count how many glasses of water he drinks that time. I saw how hard it was for him to expel feces and it's also a painful experience for me seeing him like that every two or three days. Yes, even his bowel movement is irregular and because of that I asked the help of my mommy friends and made a research online on how to help him improve his digestive health.

Digestive Health 101 + Tips for Kid's Healthy Digestion

     I'm happy that learning the basics of digestive health helped me improve Kenzo's digestion. Now I'm sure that he gets the vitamins and nutrients that his body needs from the food he eats because of healthy eating habits and good digestive health. Now, I want to share with you simple healthy eating habits and hacks that will make you little ones have a healthy, happy tummy!

1. Go, Grow, and Glow

     Make sure that you give your child a portion of his go, grow, and glow. You don't need to force him to eat the greens and the fruits right away. It's a baby steps process. Start by slicing the vegetables into tiny pieces and mix it with rice. He will not notice it at all and then eventually make the pieces bigger then start introducing the name of that vegetable or fruit to him. 

2. Water is life

     The recommended amount of water intake for adults is 8-10 glasses a day, According to my son's pediatrician, 5-6 glasses of water is okay. Let your kids drink water even if he is not thirsty. In this way he is slowly but surely putting liquid in his gut and will prepare his stomach in digesting the food when he is about to eat his meal/s.

3. Avoid processed foods, junk foods and limit fast foods

     I think this is the part were we are all guilty, yes I'm included. In this past-faced life, we always go for 'instant' and we forget that healthy food are the fresh ones prepared at homes. If it doesn't hurt you, avoid hotdogs and canned foods because in the long run, not only digestive health will suffer. Junk foods should be limited. Instead of eating potato chips, let them eat the natural potato chips that you can cook at home. Buy a potato and a shredder then cut into tiny slices, fry using canola oil and tada your own version of potato chips. 

4. Include a healthy drink for proper digestion

     Did you know that there are products in the market that helps ease digestion in adults and kids? I've discovered a new way making Kenzo's bathroom habit run smoothly every morning upon waking up and that is by drinking a probiotic drink in the morning. Let me introduce to you Dutch Mill Delight. I presume you've seen this drink in supermarket shelves and if you're interested go grab one now!

Digestive Health 101 + Tips for Kid's Healthy Digestion

     Dutch Mill Delight is a probiotic drink that contains duo active combination of Pre and Probiotic fiber. Prebiotic fiber is a plant that helps nourish good bacteria inside the tummy. When probiotic and prebiotic are combined, it produces longer living good bacteria which makes tummy better and absorbs nutrients faster. 

     Why I recommend Dutch Mill Delight especially to moms who have kids experiencing poor digestion?

1. Dutch Mill Delight contains Pre + Probiotic fiber which helps in better digestion.

Digestive Health 101 + Tips for Kid's Healthy Digestion

2. It's easy to drink and the taste is perfect for kids and the kids at heart! I'm drinking a bottle everyday too. It can be taken with meals.

Digestive Health 101 + Tips for Kid's Healthy Digestion

3. Dutch Mill Delight can be taken in the morning. It's a refreshing drink with great aroma like that of a milk that's rich in taste. Kenzo likes drinking it while studying too.

Digestive Health 101 + Tips for Kid's Healthy Digestion

4. You can drink Dutch Mill Delight everyday for a healthier tummy! 

5. Easily accessible because you can buy this in major supermarkets nationwide. Dutch Mill Delight can also be bought through their delight ladies in Rizal, Manila, Taguig, and Quezon City. Each bottle contains 100 ml of goodness and per bottle is sold at Php 8.00 each. You can also buy per pack of 5 bottles for Php 40.00

Digestive Health 101 + Tips for Kid's Healthy Digestion
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