Product Review: CalChews Calcium Soft Chews + Vitamin D and K

Monday, April 21, 2014

     Finally, got another time to make a review. I miss doing product reviews specially if they're really effective! I'm always excited to share the good news as well as not so good news. If you'll ask me why not so good news is included here, well if I have a review of a product that failed my expectations, I want it to serve as a guide to consumers. I'm not saying that it doesn't patronize the product because it gave me negative reactions. Remember that we are all different and there are certain products that will work for me and not for you or vice versa.

     Let's go back to the review. I've been seeing CalChews even before Sample Room announced that they'll be having samples of this calcium food supplement. For those who have no idea about the product, CalChews is first calcium supplement in the market in soft chew form that offers an easy and delicious way of getting one's recommended daily dose of calcium. It's the only calcium brand that is enriched not only with Vitamin D3 but also with Vitamin K – vitamins essential for optimum bone health. When I was pregnant with my son, I'm required to take Calcium for my baby's bone health. Almost all calcium brands in the market today look the same in terms of size and shape. I can still remember that during the time I'm taking calcium, I had a hard time swallowing the caplet. Now, I want to thank CalChews because it's now easier to take Calcium and in a delicious way too! To read my full review about CalChews, click CONTINUE READING and smile!

CalChews Calcium Soft Chews + Vitamin D and K

My First Sample Room Haul for 2014 + Major Makeup Haul

Sunday, March 09, 2014

     Hello dearies! I'm sure you've been missing my haul post. To tell you honestly, I got so many skin and hair care products waiting in line to be reviewed. I'm very grateful to all the brands who sent me their products to try. Most of the products were sent December last year and some of them are still on my stash untouched :( I'm not complaining but it takes time to review skin care and hair care products. This explains why you haven't seen any haul post from yours truly. The only haul post that I'm consistently doing every month is my Sample Room haul. Sample Room got so many products to offer every month. The latest haul that I got from Sample Room was CalChews and Celeteque. BUT here's an exciting news for makeup lovers- I have a major makeup haul! It's one of the biggest makeup haul that I had since time immemorial. Excited to see what products I purchased from Korean and local brands? Click CONTINUE READING to find out!
My First Sample Room Haul for 2014 + Major Makeup Haul
Please excuse the quality of this photo, just grabbed it from my Instagram account.


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