Healthway Medical's New Year 2016 SEED Campaign

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

     Let’s face it: most people are looking forward to the new year as this means a new beginning—and for people who want to look and feel better, losing weight as a resolution may just be the right way to start. Or is it? For some, losing weight as a resolution is tough and challenging. We may write in our diaries and say to ourselves "this 2016, I'm going to the gym and eat healthy" but it's really hard to do right?

     “The New Year does not serve as a catalyst for sweeping changes in your body, more so in your overall health,” said Carmie de Leon, vice president for sales and marketing of Healthway Medical. “In fact, now is the right time to reflect on past behaviors that may be affecting your health, and resolve to making positive lifestyle changes in preparation for next year and for many more years to come.” Read more and discover a new way or making those resolution possible!
Healthway Medical's New Year 2016 SEED Campaign
     According to de Leon, setting small but attainable goals are better than making big goals but later on, fail to meet them. But she says that “you need to make it happen.”

     As Filipinos list down their resolutions for 2016, it is important to put healthy living on top of the list, de Leon said.

     “By making more realistic New Year’s resolutions, there is a greater chance of keeping them all-year round. As for your health, your resolution towards a healthier you should start in the most attainable way. More so, you should start now,” de Leon emphasized. 

     De Leon continued, “Your lifestyle change can start from minimizing cigarette smoking, lessening alcohol intake or exercising more religiously. But whatever lifestyle changes you want to make for next year, what matters most is that the changes are for your health.”

Healthway Medical

  • the most trusted and preferred mall-based clinics in the Philippines—offers excellent primary and multi-specialty care that promotes healthy living as a lifestyle. 
  • It offers a unique one-stop-shop platform where minor surgical operations, special medical examinations and preventive healthcare as well as specialized medical consultations are performed by some of the country’s top-performing healthcare experts.
  • For your all-year-round care, Healthway Medical offers top-of-the-line services that range from cardiology, dental care, family medicine, internal medicine, ob-gynecology, ophthalmology, pediatric medicine and dermatology, to name a few.

     As part of its ongoing initiative to promote a healthier lifestyle, Healthway Medical aims to impart the importance of quality Sleep, being able to Eat right, having enough Exercise, and taking time to De-stress (S.E.E.D.) to Filipinos of all gender and ages.

     De Leon concluded, “New Year’s Resolutions always start with good intentions, and what better way to start the year right than prioritizing your health? At Healthway Medical, we can help you stay in good shape all-year round.”

     Healthway Medical rolls out its SEED campaign to major corporations as part of its preventive health advocacy. 

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