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David's Salon Foliage Hair Care

Monday, September 30, 2019

     Achieving naturally beautiful hair is not an overnight thing. It’s a balance- from professionally trained stylists who will take care of your hair at the salon and how you will maintain it at home. Products need not be expensive. It’s about hair care that will not break the bank but does not sacrifice quality. Presenting Foliage- the brainchild of David Charlton of David’s Salon.

     The team of David Charlton realized that there was still a need for salon-quality products that were created with advanced formulations and natural ingredients yet are competitively priced. From these seeds grew the idea of Foliage- natural professional haircare that caters to basic hair issues. It smoothens frizz, protects from constant coloring, rebonding, and perming plus repair damaged hair and hair loss. They created uncomplicated yet effective products and treatments- keratin treatment line, shampoo and conditioner, repair and reconditioning formula, and a booster-serum. Sharing more information on Foliage and the products that I tried at home which I highly recommend for great hair needs.

David's Salon Foliage Hair Care 


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