Vitapack 3-in-1 Beauty Pack

Product Review: Vitapack 3-in-1 Beauty Pack

Monday, November 06, 2017

     Multifunction products make life a breeze. From things we use every day to food that we eat- these products dubbed as 2-in-1 or 5-in 1 is a big help, especially for busy individuals. Having that said, there are also skin care products and oral supplements that can give more than one benefits in one packaging. Let me introduce to you Vitapack 3-in-1 Beauty Pack- whitening, slimming, and anti-aging product in one pack.

     I always mention in my supplement posts that I already have fair skin, to begin with, that's why I gauge the results after taking it for full thirty days. I have uneven skin tone and prone to insect bites. Through the dark marks from those bites where I check regularly if my skin tone is changing while taking whitening supplements. Last month, our friends from Vitapack sent the 3-in-1 Beauty Pack variant for me to try and review. Continuation of this introduction after the jump :)

Product Review: Vitapack 3-in-1 Beauty Pack


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