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What's in my Kikay Kit

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

     Hi dearies! How's everyone lately? It's been raining all day and night. I hope and I pray for our safety. Even though I'm rarely watching news about current events, I still feel there are families who suffers from the calamities bought by these typhoons and heavy rains. 
     Anyhoo, I noticed that I haven't posted anything about my recent makeup stash. The last one I think was the Eye Makeup Essential post. To tell you honestly, I rarely wear makeup these days. I feel more comfortable with my skin now and I think I really need to feel comfortable with it. Makeup only enhances my features and I don't want to wear makeup just because I want to hide my flaws. But there were times that I cannot control my breakouts. It's really hormonal and our humid weather also adds a factor to it. So when my skin is acting up, I feel uncomfortable with it. I feel the need to add a heavy duty concealer for pimple marks and a full coverage bb cream. I mentioned before that I'm a late bloomer when it comes to makeup and it really shows with my makeup stash. From the time that I started lurking in forums and here in blogosphere to read and compare reviews, these were the only thing that I purchased and accumulated. Most of the products here are my HG. 
     I only have one makeup/ kikay kit :D I don't bring this with me when I'm going to attend events or outside the house for some errands. This always sits in my closet and I'll just bring two things with me (lip balm and lip cream) and place it inside my bag.
Silver Pouch from Watson's

2. Majolica Majorca jeweling eye pencil- used once

     My makeup must haves: BB cream and/or Powder Foundation+ Undereye concealer+Eyeliner+eyebrow powder+ mascara and I'm good to go. If I feel like I want to glam up my face, I'll add the blush and the jeweling eyeliner. For the lips, I just swipe some lip balm: Carmex, EOS or Human Heart Nature and/or my favorite N.Y.X Addis Ababa soft matte lip cream for a touch of color.

     Basically that's it loves. So what's inside your makeup kit? Share it away guys :D

  Good Times!~

Makeup Tools

Thursday, March 08, 2012

     Hi lovelies! The heat is on, can you feel it? It's really hot outside and all I wanna do is just chill and drink plenty of water. I'm not ready for summer. My body clock is still abnormal. I'm wide awake at night and sleepy head in the morning. Since it's summer already, I want to lessen the makeup that I use. I'm the type of person who sweats a lot. It runs in the family, I think it's in our genes. One move and I feel like taking a shower. So I guess it's time to learn the no makeup look. But how will I do that? I will show you my makeup tools that I use whenever I go outside the house and do some errands. I normally go outside to buy some groceries, window shopping and   go on a date with hubby.
L-R: Unbranded Retractable Kabuki Brush, Marionnaud N 38 Slanted Eyeliner and Eyebrows Double Side Brush and Fanny Serrano Eyelash Curler
     These are the makeup tools that I basically use. Kabuki brush for my powder foundation, eyeliner brush for my gel liner and eyelash curler for my lashes. If I'm in the mood, I apply my favorite N.Y.X. SMLC in Addis Ababa  and I'm ready to go. So what should I do to lessen my makeup since our hot humid weather will just melt it? I still want to look polished even if I lessen my makeup. I also want to achieve a healthy glowing skin. 

     Any suggestions on what makeup to avoid or lessen this summer?Thanks for sharing!

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