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The Joys of Being a Cohen Mommy Press Launch

Friday, May 16, 2014

     The road to motherhood is not a smooth journey. Many women struggle in different aspects of motherhood like their identity, becoming a nurturer, a teacher and an inspiration for their children. We may think that when one becomes a mother, life will just be confided in the four corners of our home. Some women after giving birth just focus on the welfare of their family that's why they tend to ignore themselves- they become unaware of their physical appearance. In my experience, the number one problem that I encountered after giving birth is losing all the weight I gain during pregnancy. It's hard to lose post pregnancy weight especially when you cannot find the right diet and exercise for you. It may result into crash or yoyo diet if you have no idea what kind of food is right for you. So if you think you're in a situation what most moms worry about after giving birth, don't lose hope because Cohen Lifestyle Centre is here to help you lose weight by their diet program where Food becomes your medicine. Cohen Lifestyle Centre also helps women trying to conceive and treat obesity for you to become fit and fab moms and grand moms. Since this month is special for mother's like me, let me share with you the joys of being a Cohen mommy :) Click CONTINUE READING to see their testimonials about the Cohen Lifestyle Program
Cohen Lifestyle Centre: The Joys of Being a Cohen Mommy Press Launch


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