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Product Review: Artist Studio Angled Eyeliner Brush

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

     Until now, I only have 3 brushes that I use in applying my makeup: Generic Retractable Kabuki Brush, Artist Studio Angled Flat Top Brush and Artist Studio Angled Eyeliner/Eyebrow Powder Brush. Artist Studio is a generic brand of makeup brushes that's el cheapo for their price. Since most of the Artist Studio brushes are synthetic, they're more economical and have longer life span than makeup brushes made of animal hair. I've been using these brushes for over a year now. The performance is still the same and there are no signs of wear and tear after washing them over and over again.

     Today, I'll be reviewing the Artist Studio Angled Eyeliner/Eyebrow Powder Brush that I use in applying my brow makeup. I'm using an eyeliner pencil so I still haven't tried it with gel or cake eyeliners. Anyhoo, to see more photos of this wonderful tool and my thoughts about the product kindly click CONTINUE READING please :)
Product Review: Artist Studio Angled Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush

Sample Room Products for April + Another Major Haul :)

Friday, May 02, 2014

     I really love Sample Room! Every time they replenish their stocks, the samples mostly full-sized samples are very promising and interesting. I already made a review of Vidal Sassoon Premium Color Care Series (shampoo and conditioner) and I think this range will be complete with the treatment. So when I accumulated again the points that I used last March after reviewing the products, I immediately grabbed a sample of the hair treatment. I also availed the Celeteque Bacne Spray to test it with hubby's bacne. I swear by Celeteque products. They're from Unilab- one of my tried and tested brand for skin care, health and wellness. To complete my April Sample Room Haul, I availed the Hygienix hand sanitizer. Being an OC mom, I always make sure that my hands and Kenzo's hands are always clean and germ free. I also purchased some beauty essentials and skin care products from different brands. Click CONTINUE READING to see more :)
Sample Room Products for April + Another Major Haul :)
Vidal Sassoon Premium Color Care Treatment, Hygienix Hand Sanitizer and Celeteque Bacne Spray

Product Review: Artist Studio Angled Flat Top Brush

Monday, October 14, 2013

      Hi everyone! How's your weekend? Hope you had a great time with your family and friends. This blog is celebrating it's 2nd Year Anniversary and I prepared a giveaway for all of you. If you're a new reader, you can still join here: Dear Kitty Kittie Kath's 2nd Year Anniversary Giveaway!!! Anyhoo, lets start the week right and overcome the laziness that we usually feel during the first day of the week with a review! This review is another milestone for me because if you noticed, I seldom review makeup brushes and other makeup tools. For the reasons that I only have three makeup brushes as of the moment, the Landmark Retractable Kabuki Brush and the Artist Studio Eyeliner Brush and the Angled Flat Top Brush that we're going to talk about right now. Since I still consider myself a "not so newbie" in the world of makeup (sorry for the lack of term), I don't buy tools that I know will just sit on my makeup stash. What I have now are the brushes that I often use like the ones that I mentioned above. Before I bough this brush, I think more than thrice if I'm going to use this or not since I use my fingers to apply liquid foundation and bb cream. But because beauty bloggers gave positive reviews about the Artist Studio Brush Line from the Landmark (Makati and Trinoma), I gave in to the temptation of buying one for myself and considered this as my handy dandy blush brush :)

     To tell you honestly, I haven't tried using this brush on liquid or powder foundation and bb cream. I use this to apply my current blush, E.L.F. Blush in Flushed. The brush works! It's easy to use, picks up the right amount of product and doesn't scratch my skin. Want to know more about my thoughts? Click CONTINUE READING to read more!
Artist Studio Angled Flat Top Brush
The brush is package in this clear plastic pouch
Artist Studio Angled Flat Top Brush
The brush with it's rose gold ferrule and black handle and the brand printed on it.
 price: 119.75 php (Around $2.70+)

place bought: Landmark, Trinoma 
Artist Studio Flat Top Brush
What I Like:
  • Really affordable Cheap!
  • The appearance looks classy and nice.
  • It's versatile- can be used to apply liquid and powder foundation and powder blush.
  • No weird smell.
  • It's very soft and dense.
  • Easy to wash and dry.
  • No shedding while washing. 
  • Easily accessible.
What I don't like:
  • None
Will I repurchase? Yes! I want to buy all the brushes from this brand ^_^

     Since this is my first flat top brush/ angled flat top brush, I will not give it a rating yet. I need to buy the same kind of brush from another brand so that I can give a comparison and make a good rating from both. But my overall experience from using and cleaning the brush is good. So to all the newbie makeup enthusiasts, aspiring makeup artists and cheapskates like me, I highly recommend this brush. The product performs the job and if you think it doesn't pass your standards, no need to worry since the price is cheap and you can replace it anytime- but I think you won't :)

     Have you tried these tools from Artist Studio line? Thank you for sharing your experience!

Good Times!~

Sample Room Products for August + Haul

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

     Hello! I'm back with a haul post and products that I got from sample room. I'm on a budget/ tipid mode again because I still have lots of skin care and makeup products to try. I just bought my essentials that I'll be using everyday especially for my face and body. Since I'm on the resting period/stage on using Snoe White Special Black Beauty Bar, I opted to use a milder soap from Beauty and Bright. I also repurchased another bar of my favorite Cyleina Kojic Soap because I miss the scent of this bar. If you'll ask me why I don't use the same brand or kind of soap every month, well I alternate the soaps that I use because I don't want to be immune to any of them. If you missed my reviews on Beauty and Bright Serum Bar and Cyleina Kojic Soap, click HERE and HERE :)
Sample Room Product for August + Haul
Beauty and Bright Skin Lightening and Anti-Aging Serum Bar
Cyleina Kojic Soap


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