3 Ways to Stop Overspending on Skin Care

Monday, August 16, 2021

     If money’s tighter than your skin after a chemical peel, could your skincare routine be the problem? Here’s how to find out if you’re spending too much on skincare and how to get clear, dewy skin without breaking the bank.

3 Ways to Stop Overspending on Skin Care
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What Are the Signs You’re Spending Too Much?

     If you aren’t ready to admit you’re spending too much on skincare, these signs might change your mind.

1. You’re Broke Between Paydays
     Have you ever brought home a new wrinkle-fighting serum that wiped out all your cash ‘til payday? This is a risky financial move, even if you’ve never run into problems before. There might come a time when you have to cover an unexpected expense that can’t wait until you get paid. So, what then? Hint: see below.

2. You Rely on Online Loans Regularly

     If you’re dealing with an unexpected repair or expense, you can try for cash loans online to bail you out of an emergency. They may not supply you with instant cash online, but it’s a near thing with a fast online application available 24/7. You’ll hear back quickly if you qualify, and if you’re approved, you may receive your funds by the next business day.

     As an emergency safety net, online loans shouldn’t make regular appearances in your budget — especially not because your latest skincare step drained your cash between paychecks.

3. You Have More Products Than You Can Use

     Another sign you’re overdoing it is if you have more products than you can reasonably fit into your routine. If you never get around to using your actives before their best before date, you’re probably spending too much.

How to Reduce Spending without Sacrificing Quality

      Beauty on a budget is possible, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Here are some tips to help curb your spending.

1. Find Dupes

     If you aren’t careful, you can easily believe luxury equals quality. But in reality, you’re usually only paying for the brand.

     You can find knockoffs or dupes of the most effective skincare serums and creams for a fraction of the price of these bigger brands. Many skincare specialists and dermatologists will even share their favorite drug store options for people on a budget.

2. Know Which Actives Can Mix

     Did you know that combining retinol and AHA is a bad idea? Or that vitamin C and niacinamide are no gos? On their own, they can be a holy grail of your routine, but together, they can cause painful irritation that leads you to believe they’re destined for the trash.

     Cut down on your actives to avoid purchasing products that wind up in the garbage. Take a look at this guide to help you make the right pairing.

3. Only Buy What You Can Use by the Best by Date

     On the topic of actives, it’s important to note most of them have a shelf life. Unlike most basic creams and cleansers, these serums break down in as little as three months. After that, they don’t work as they should, and they may even cause inflammation.

     Before you bring home a new active, always check to see how long it lasts before it expires. Start with trial size to make sure you can tolerate it.
Saving and Skin Care Do Mix

     You can pamper your skin without breaking the bank. Remember these tips to help you spot and prevent the signs of overspending.

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