Feature: I Am Band Bracelet

Saturday, July 04, 2020

     Stress, anxiety, confusion, fear, and heartaches best described my mental state when the year 2020 started. From a non-stop trip to the emergency room and a handful of confinements at the hospital last year up to my father’s demise last February, all these negative feelings have piled up from one unfortunate event to another.⁣ My family and my Yoga practice are my sources of strength but there were times that I still feel sad and negative thoughts start to swirl on my mind again. I need to establish the right intentions that can help me stay positive and optimistic in this difficult time.

     Two weeks ago, I received The I Am Band Bracelet- a remedy that works to beat anxiety, hexes, haters and more. My husband and I believe that we are part of the universe and the energies (positive or negative) greatly affect our behavior and way of life. Speaking of energy, we need to block the negative and enhance the positive one by praying and wearing spiritual accessories for protection and guidance. Sharing more of my I Am Band Bracelet experience below.

Feature: I Am Band Bracelet

What is I AM BAND Bracelet?
  • The I Am Band is made of 2 components- .925 grade silver and a very powerful component that was used in Egyptian times to seal and protect buried royalty from spiritual intrusion. This second component is completely kept secret and is trademarked. 
  • There are symbols marked in the bracelet- a collective of spiritual and negative protection symbols from almost every nationality and race that have been used for thousands of years in various products related to spiritual awareness and protection. They were placed in a certain order to create exceptional power. 
  • The I Am Band is trademarked worldwide for its originality and design.
  • Once purchased, your I Am Band has a parchment document with your name inscribed and placed inside of the Band.

Feature: I Am Band Bracelet

I AM BAND Bracelet Benefits:

1. Blocks Negative Feelings

     I Am Band will block negative feelings that you hold inside. Negative thoughts begin to have less power over you as you begin to experience a sense of well-being. 

2. Blocks Out Negative Spiritual Influences

     Many of us suffer from spiritual attacks brought about by enemies or people in our lives that wish us to harm leading to different issues, bad decisions, and overall negativity in life. The I Am Band destroys any hexes, black magic, and harmful energies that are being directed against you without your knowledge. 

3. Creates Positive Energy

     As the Band blocks negativity, it also generates a strong aura of positive energy to move your life forward in the right direction. Opportunities will begin to open, and your outlook will attract even more good things as you remove the negative influence and enjoy the positive energy from your I Am Band.

4. Boosts Health

     When you feel positive about yourself and life, you will enjoy better health. As you feel more positive about yourself, a field of power is created within you that fights off possible health issues which could be causing you other problems.

Feature: I Am Band Bracelet

     This pandemic added a lot of stress and anxiety to the pain, guilt, and heartaches that I have when I lost my Papa causing different episodes of a breakdown in the past months. But keeping the Band on night and day, 24/7, seven days a week for two straight weeks made a difference. I can say that I feel refreshed and motivated, no more breaking down out of the blue. Whenever I think of my Papa and the situation, I pause a bit to pray and look at the bracelet to remind me that everything happens for a reason. Wearing this accessory is like using a dumbbell to build muscles, the I Am Band is like a tool to remind us to remain calm and always look at the brighter side of life. 

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” 
-Willie Nelson

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  1. I would absolutely love to try this out. I wear a crystal bracelet right now that is meant for energy healing as well. This bracelet is beautiful too!

    Gina Checchia

    1. Hi Gina,

      Thanks for visiting. You may check out the links above where to get this bracelet. You gotta have one! Yes, it's sturdy and beautiful.

  2. Wow! thank you for such a great review!!!!


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