World Digestive Health Day 2020

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

     Did you know that stress has an impact on your digestive health? The digestive system plays a big role in keeping us in good health, both physical and mental. Our gut acts as a “second brain” that’s responsible for balancing our mood, reducing stress away and anxiety, and keeping our overall mental health.

     That's why when you're excited or in a stressful situation, you will feel the saying "butterflies in my stomach or you will feel something unusual with your tummy. Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations so coping with the stress and getting used to the “new normal” will surely impact your digestive health and how you feel overall. How to manage the tummy thing in this pandemic and quarantine? Sharing tips and more information about gut health and World Digestive Health Day 2020 Celebration after the jump!

World Digestive Health Day 2020
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     Last May 29, Sanofi invited us and the rest of the world in spreading awareness on how we can better take care of our digestive health in time for the celebration of World Digestive Health Day 2020. This topic is important for me because my father died of Colon Cancer 4 last February 17, and I'm a bit relieved to know more information about gut health and it's importance in overall health. Do you feel bloated and heavy lately? Haven’t pooped in the past two days? You may be suffering from constipation.

Fun facts about digestion 
  • It takes 24 to 72 hours for the food to move through our digestive system5. 
  • Every 6 months we produce our body weight in excrement16.
  • The characteristic brown color of our stools comes from the bile that is produced in the liver.
  • The digestive system is over 7 meters long17.

World Digestive Health Day 2020

     Constipation has many causes - dehydration, poor diet, lack of exercise, thyroid issues, and even stress. Constipation is one of the leading digestive health problems that affect 23% of the world’s population. About 70% of those who have experienced it say that it has a high impact on their quality of life, as it can cause mood and anxiety disorders. With quarantine in place, it’s possible that a lot of people are adapting activities that might have adverse effects on the digestive system such as an unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, and irregular sleep schedule.

Tips for Healthy Digestive System
  • To fight constipation, make sure that you drink enough water and include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet. 
  • Reduce intake of processed foods and move to more whole foods that are easier to digest. 
  • Digestive self-care also means getting treatment as soon as your body starts sending signals of discomfort. 
  • There are handy treatments including laxatives for resetting the system on a natural, regular schedule that does not harm the digestive system. 

World Digestive Health Day 2020

     Dulcolax (Bisacodyl)- the doctor recommended a laxative brand for gentle and dependable constipation relief. It's unique dual-action gently softens the stool and stimulates bowel movement. This is also the brand of laxative that my father's nephrologist prescribed to him during the time that he constipated. Buscopan (Hyoscine N-Butylbromide)- stomach aches and abdominal cramps. Essential Forte P (Phospholipids)- for your liver protection. Erceflora Probibears- for your child's overall digestion.

     Understanding how our digestive system works - how the gut regulates our hormones, our mood, and our immune system - can help us develop daily strategies to take better care of ourselves. Scientific evidence now shows that the types of food that you eat will directly determine the levels of certain bacteria in your gut, and therefore the diet and food you choose will either support and strengthen your immune system or weaken your defense system. A balanced diet of vegetables, whole-grain products, dried-fruits significantly supports our health and well-being.

For more information about Sanofi and Digestive Health

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  1. Thanks for the info momsh. Nakkaramdam din po ako ng ganyan, ung minsan po sumaskit ang tyan na hnd ko po alam kng busog po ako. Ngaun alam ko na po lng ano po ang iinumin ko po.

    1. Hi Lengleng,

      Thanks for reading this, glad to help.

  2. Im a constipated person. sometimes i use laxatives medications to help stimulate my bowel movements.i use tea, and dulcolax din before.

  3. Hi pchi peach,

    Thanks for sharing your story. Need natin ito lalo na kung constipated tayo.


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