Gold Jewelry: Sound Investment and Timeless Fashion Statement

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

     What are your prized possessions? These days, as gadget companies try to integrate technology into the lifestyle of consumers more seamlessly, wearable gadgets are all the rage. Think of smart watches, high-tech rings and other wares merge the conveniences of modern technology and the appeal of fashion accessories. Did you know that ages ago before wearable tech became a thing, the concept of multi-purpose wearables have been around for some time now in the form of jewelry?

     Contrary to what others may think, jewelry is not only a show of status symbol in the society and infusing a look with a different level of flair. A jewelry definitely gives every outfit a touch of luxury. Imagine those diamond earrings, a gold watch or, a gem-encrusted ring can certainly give that "shine bright like diamonds" effect to the wearer. In addition, gold jewelry seems to be always on the radar of fashion influencers--just in different interpretations. But beyond aesthetics and creative expression, jewelry is actually a practical commodity and I agree to that 100%. Want to know why? Read more below :)

Gold Jewelry: Sound Investment and Timeless Fashion Statement

Good as gold

     Gold is a precious metal that can be made into many forms, which makes it useful across different industries. As the most malleable of all metals, it can be shaped and beaten into tiny and thin pieces, but it can still last for years or even decades, if taken care of properly. Due to its distinct characteristics, gold is highly valued everywhere.

Gold Jewelry: Sound Investment and Timeless Fashion Statement
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Gold as jewelry
  • Gold becomes an attractive accessory and becomes a fashion statement.
  • Gold is a valuable possession.
  • Gold jewelry is versatile enough to be used from day to night.
  • You can wear gold in many ways.
  • Gold is an investment. It retains its value unlike currency and other possessions such as gadgets and cars. 
  • It is also easily transported when needed and is widely recognized and accepted for trade. 
  • Good investors know very well how worthwhile gold is in wealth management. 
  • In essence, gold is a wearable investment that serves multiple purposes.

Gold Jewelry: Sound Investment and Timeless Fashion Statement
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     In the Philippines, one of the best places to check out for unique gold jewelry is Just Jewels. For those who have no idea of this unique jewelry store, Just Jewels offers every piece of jewelry with distinct cuts and shapes that creates a perfectly imperfect accessory that is just as unique and beautiful as you.

Gold Jewelry: Sound Investment and Timeless Fashion Statement

     They have 13 branches nationwide and an easy-to-use online shop. I was browsing their Instagram a while ago and found out that they have over a thousand design in their selection that you will see in stores. Just Jewels does not just sell pieces of jewelry. They will help you choose from a delectable selection of rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and set pieces that will make your true self-shine brighter and more brilliant than any gem in existence.

Gold Jewelry: Sound Investment and Timeless Fashion Statement

     Don't worry if you feel like you have a tight budget but you really want a jewelry because aside from straight cash and credit card payment, Just Jewels also offers a layaway plan for jewelry payable in four or six months, gold trade-in to exchange old gold items for new jewelry, and an installment program, which can be paid from six to 12 months. 

Start investing in gold jewelry today! I'm planning to invest too :) Visit their website and comment below what piece/s your eyes are glued to.

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