App Review: Philam Vitality Active App

Friday, March 31, 2017

     Do you have a fitness plan? Are you one of the many Filipinos (including me) who struggle to achieve that long-time fitness goal? It's not easy to stay fit and healthy for life because it will always include dedication and determination that's why I salute all my friends who devote time to stay fit and healthy.

     A healthy lifestyle is what we Filipinos need now. In this fast-paced life, we often forgot to take good care of body. We rely on "instant" and temporal things. Instant food and instant weight loss to name a few. We need to set our minds and do things the way they should be- eat the right kind of food, stay active by doing physical activities, and be rewarded for the goals we achieve. Speaking of rewards, let me share with you an app that makes being active rewarding- Philam Vitality Active App :)

App Review: Philam Vitaly Active App
Philam Vitality App

     It is this pressing concern that led Philam Life shift its focus to improving the quality of life of every Filipino through health and wellness efforts such as the Philam Vitality program. Introduced in 2015, the Philam Vitality Program seeks to help its customers make better decisions that contribute to their overall wellness, and rewarding them along the way. With the success of this program, Philam Life made a simplified version of the program and it's called the Philam Vitality Active App.

App Review: Philam Vitaly Active App
My battle gear

Philam Vitality Active App
  • Philam Vitality Active App is the simplified version of the Philam Vitality program.
  • Every user is tasked to complete a short questionnaire to calculate one’s Philam Vitality Age as a gauge of how well he/she lives. 
  • They will then be given weekly challenges that they can accomplish by completing a certain number of steps as measured by a fitness device or free fitness app. 
  • For every challenge successfully completed for two consecutive weeks, users will receive exciting rewards such as free passes to SM Cinema, SM Ice Skating, SM Bowling, Blink, and Exploreum.

App Review: Philam Vitaly Active App
Download the Philam Vitality App on Google Play

     Now that you already know what the app is all about, let me share with you what you need to do in order to jumpstart your fitness journey while earning rewards. You need your mobile phone and your fitness counter band or device like Garmin or FitBit but if you don't have those, there are suggestions below that will still work with Philam Vitality Active App :)

Your journey to a healthy and rewarding life starts here:

1. Download the Philamlife Vitality Active App on Android or iOS.

2. Register for a free account. It will ask you to enter a code so that you can earn rewards. You can use the codes: activealyssa or activemika

3. After the app is installed, sync with your desired fitness device (Fitbit, Samsung Health, Runkeeper etc).

4. It's okay even if you don't have a FitBit. If you are using a Samsung phone you can have it sync with S Health. Just toggle options where your phone can measure your steps.

5. If you are using a diff brand of Android phone or iOS, you may download free step counter apps for Android and iOS like Runkeeper or Strava so you can use your phones with the Philamlife Vitality Active app.

6. Start tracking your exercise with your fitness app or device. Simply meet your weekly activity target for two consecutive weeks and enjoy instant rewards.

Philam Vitality Active App Features:

1. Vitality Age- this is their propriety algorithm for measuring the impact that lifestyle choices have n your health. You need to enter specific information here like age, body metrics, blood chemistry (blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels), kind of exercise. eating habit, vices, and mental wellbeing.  This is optional but in order for you to receive rewards, you must compute your Vitality Age.

App Review: Philam Vitaly Active App
Can you guess my Vitality age? Uhm...

2. Weekly Target Points- this is the target points that need to be completed every week. The points start at 250 as of the moment. The goal is to achieve 250 points by doing physical activities like walking, running, etc.

App Review: Philam Vitaly Active App
250 is the default weekly target point as of the time being

3. Activity Log- this tracks your progress from Monday to Sunday. When you achieve your target points, you'll earn a badge and after two consecutive weeks of achieving your target points, you'll get a reward.

App Review: Philam Vitaly Active App
Like what I've said on my Instagram post, I decided to walk 1 hour a day to achieve this target. One more week to go of consistently walking 1 hour a day and I'll receive my reward

4. Rewards- you have to choose a reward from select partners. After selecting a reward, it will be transferred in the rewards wallet. Rewards are good for two weeks only that's why there's a button where you have to select if you're ready to use your reward. Available rewards to choose from are:
  • Free P200 hotel/resort accommodation from Agoda
  • One free movie rental with Blink
  • Free entrance to the dome theatre at Exploreum
  • Free P200 of call & text credits on your Globe Postpaid plan
  • Free P200 of call & text credits on your Globe Prepaid
  • Free up to P200 worth of GrabCar ride in Metro Manila, Cebu and Bacolod only
  • Free P200 worth of shopping in Lazada
  • Free one game of bowling at SM Bowling
  • Free 2D movie ticket at SM Cinema
  • Free one hour of ice skating at SM Skating
  • Free P200 of call & text credits on your Touch Mobile Prepaid

App Review: Philam Vitaly Active App
This is the section of the app where you'll choose the reward and redeem it in the rewards wallet

     I've been walking 1 hour a day to achieve my target goal for a week. I don't have a fitness device that's why I downloaded the Runkeeper App in my android phone. This fitness app tracks different kinds of physical activities. The app allows me to track walking and running activities- the calories burned, distance, and pace of my chosen activity.

App Review: Philam Vitaly Active App
Runkeeper is the fitness app that I synchronized with Philam Vitality App

     One more week of walking for 1 hour a day is what I need to complete two consecutive weeks of being active . I love that the app is really forcing me to get my butt off the couch and get active by walking. I know that the calories I burn from walking an hour is not that high compared to other physical activities but hey, it's making my body sweat and I feel energized the next day because I walk in the evening. 

App Review: Philam Vitaly Active App
One of my recorded walks in the Runkeeper app

What I like:
  • The app is easy to use.
  • You can download it both on iOs and android.
  • The instructions are clear and everything is explained in the app so the user is guided properly.
  • You can synchronize the app in any fitness device. Most of the fitness device works fine with the app.
  • This app will motivate you to start your journey to fitness. It doesn't need to start big, baby steps will do. When I started walking on day 1, I feel so lethargic. But after days of walking, my body is longing for it. 
  • The reward system is a real motivator. It really inspired me to walk everyday, even if I'm busy the past weeks, I always make sure to spare that 1 hour for walking.
  • Everyone can download the app.
  • There are no fees or hidden charges or whatsoever.
  • You get rewards!!!

What I don't like:
  • This app works best if you have a fitness device, a fitness counter perhaps. There are other forms of exercise that will refrain you from holding your mobile phone. If you're weight lifting, it's better to have a device attached in your wrist so that it will still measure your fitness activity any time depending on your settings.
  • Like in Runkeeper, I need to hold my phone while walking so that it will give accurate reading because the app is tracking my progress with the help of gps. If I have a fitness counter, I don't need to pause or stop the app so that it will give accurate results.

Will I recommend the app?  Yes, this app is highly recommended to all. We all want to get fit and now is the right time to start. The app makes exercise and other physical activities worth doing because you'll get a reward for pushing yourself to the limits.

App Review: Philam Vitaly Active App
Look, six days worth of running. 

     The Philam Vitality Active app is in keeping with Philam Life’s mission to change public perception towards life insurance policies.

     To further this advocacy, Philam Life enlisted two of the country’s greatest volleyball players: Alyssa Valdez and Mika Reyes as Philam Vitality Active’s ambassadors. Like the app-based wellness program, Alyssa and Mika are aiming to bring out the best in every Filipino by encouraging them be more fit and active. With these powerhouse athletes on board, Philam Life hopes to encourage more Filipinos to start their fitness journey with the Philam Vitality Active app.

     Are you #ActiveAlyssa or #ActiveMika? Take your fitness to the test and join the Live Active Challenge! Download the Philam Vitality Active app on App Store Philippines and Google Play, and get a chance to win one of eight Garmin Vivofit 3 watches. Promo period is from March 1 to April 30, 2017.

Download the app now and get rewards for achieving an active lifestyle!

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