Product Review: Pureit Marvella UV

Thursday, February 16, 2017

     There are times that I worry whenever I see my son drinks water from that blue gallon beside our refrigerator. It's a no brainer that most families nowadays buy their drinking water from water-refilling stations. We were informed that the water they are selling passed through different purifying stages but is that enough for us to feel safe? Are we really drinking clean water?

     If my memory serves me right, we have a water purifier installed in our kitchen some 20 years ago. I was in elementary back then but I'm not sure if our purifier really does the job in making sure that we are drinking clean water. My younger siblings got sick and most of the time they're waterborne disease. Fast forward today, I'm glad that there's Unilever Pureit- world's largest selling water purifier certified by more than 20 international laboratories across the globe. Pureit Philippines sent a Pureit Marvella UV Water Purifier for my family to try and after weeks of using it, I can say that I'm super satisfied. Check out product specifications and my thoughts below.

Product Review: Pureit Marvella UV

Why choose Pureit?
  • World's largest selling purifier.
  • Certified by more than 20 laboratories across the globe.
  • It has germ kill technology.
  • Double layer protection.
  • Indicator and shut off.

     Basically, those are the the features of Pureit water purifiers and what's more promising about this brand is their product offering- from Pureit Excella now comes a more advanced water purifying system with Pureit Marvella UV boasting with unique features.:

1. Advanced alert system- alerts before the 150 liters of life left for CSF to get over.
2. HighInstensity UV Lamp- for enhanced safety.
3. 4 Litres storage capacity- ready to serve even in absence of electricity.
4. Automatic shut-off stops water flow when the UV lamp or any other critical component is not waorking.
5. Fully automatic- I like that it stores water automatically.
6. USEPA Standards on Purification- meets the criteria of Environmental Protection Agency (USA) for harmful viruses and bacterial removal.
7. Advanced Voltage Flactuation Guard- protects the water filter from sudden fluctuation.
8. Tank full indicator- indicates when the storage tank is full.
9. Break resistant tap- the tap is guaranteed sturdy and doesn't loose 

Product Review: Pureit Marvella UV

price: 14,598 php (Around $291.00+)

place bought: Free
Available in Abenson, O Shopping, and select appliance stores nationwide. You may also visit their website to order your unit.

instructions for use: Just plug in and let the purification take place. It only takes a few minutes,

product specifications:

Product Review: Pureit Marvella UV

Pureit Marvella UV Benefits:
  • Get purified water at your convenience, without manual pouring
  • Automatically converts tap water straight from your water source
  • Guaranteed safe drinking water, meeting international safety standards
  • Uses UV light technology to kill bacteria and virus
  • Meets the stringent standards of the US-EPA for bacteria and virus removal
  • Save up to 50% vs. refill water gallons
  • Only P12.5 per 5-gal container
  • Hassle free installation and maintenance
  • Installation and servicing done by Pureit’s service team

Product Review: Pureit Marvella UV

     Installation of Pureit Marvella UV is easy because all you have to do is sit back and relax. A technician from the brand will install everything. You have the option on how you want it to be installed. Since we are just temporary here in our condo unit, I chose to just place the unit on top of that box. It can be wall-mounted directly or look for someone to make a brace and hang it in the kitchen wall.

Product Review: Pureit Marvella UV
     This Pureit Marvella UV was installed three weeks ago and I'm really impressed with the performance and how the water taste. It's clean and refreshing. I also like that the design is sleek and looks perfectly fine with the theme of our condo unit.

Product Review: Pureit Marvella UV

Product Review: Pureit Marvella UV
Kenzo highly approved

What I like:
  • The design is modern and sleek. No more unsightly gallons or water bottles in the kitchen.
  • It doesn't take too much space in our kitchen.
  • It's easy and effortless to use. I don't need to lift heavy water dispenser or gallons in case I need to replenish our drinking water once it runs out. 
  • Water is readily available since it comes directly from the tap. No more waiting for deliveries that sometimes takes up to more than an hour in our location.
  • No more worrying about strangers coming inside the unit for deliveries.
  • Free and hassle installation. It took about 30 minutes to install the unit since I've told the technican not to drill a hole in the wall and just let it sit in that box.
  • The service team also updates me every now and then politely about the installation schedule.
  • I'm surprised that my water bill doesn't ballooned. I only paid the usual water bill plus a hundred pesos which I will say came from the consumption of water from the tap thru Pureit Marvella UV.
  • The maintenance for the unit will be annually or when the maximum consumption has been reached. 
Product Review: Pureit Marvella UV

What I don't like:
  • None so far but for those budget conscious individuals, they may take into consideration the price.

 Will  repurchase? Yes for the CSF (filter)

     I give this a 4.75/5 unit. Pureit Marvella UV is a must in every home. I think the computation above justifies the price of the unit and no amount of money can replace the health of a family member. This is a good investment since water is a necessity and drinking clean and pure water is important to avoid waterborne disease. It's sick to be sick that's why as a mom, I always make sure that my family is safe all the time.

     I highly recommend Pureit Marella UV because it's easy to use, the design is sleek, clean water is readily available. 

Do you have water purifier at home? 

For more information about Pureit Marvella UV, visit their website
Like them on Facebook: Pureit Philippines
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  1. Hi. How was it connected? You need to have a faucet splitter?

    1. Hi,

      I'm not sure how it's called but there's a diverter that is connected to the purifier.

  2. Hi. Thank you for your informative review. May we ask where you bought the box where you placed the Marvella?

  3. I mean the wooden box where you placed Marvella on top


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