Loisa Andalio for Ever Bilena Cosmetics

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

     Ever Bilena fans, meet the newest face of your favorite local makeup brand- Loisa Andalio. In this short article, she shares what it's like to be the brand ambassador. One of the most exciting – and challenging – parts of being a showbiz personality is being on social media. For upcoming talent Loisa Andalio, who has 537,000 Twitter followers and a whopping 1.7 million Instagram followers, social media presence is both an advantage and a disadvantage.

     For one, it has made her more open to fans. At the same time, haters and bashers also have easy access to her account. And yet, the lovely young celebrity believes it’s all part of the game. In an interview during a shoot for Ever Bilena Cosmetics for which she is a brand ambassador, Loisa recognizes that having haters and bashers comes with the industry, and she is also wise enough to ignore them in favor of her fans. Know more of Loisa after the jump!

Loisa Andalio for Ever Bilena Cosmetics

Who is Loisa Andalio?
  • A former member of a girl group named 3G, Loisa rose to fame when she became one of the teen housemates of PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) where she was dubbed as the “Talented Darling of ParaƱaque” for her ability to sing, dance, and act. 
  • She continues to live up to this title by making sure she looks and does her best in every performance on the Sunday musical variety show ASAP where she is a regular, as well as the daily noontime show Showtime as one of the members of a 21-member girl group named “Girl Trends.” 
“I love being on ASAP and Showtime because I am able to showcase my love for dancing and singing,” says Loisa. “Unlike the roles I play where I always have to be different characters, both shows allow me to be myself and give me the freedom to have fun with different make-up looks.” “As a teenager, I have always liked beauty products. I’ve been doing my own make-up for a long time, and this helped me discover the type of make-up look that works for me, which is usually feminine and fresh.” 
What's inside Loisa's bag?
  • Ever Bilena’s Lip and Cheek Stain
  • Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks in Off Beat Pink and Mauvey shades
  • Ever Bilena Face Powder
  • Ever Original Pencils

     With her sweet face, gentle voice, and feminine personality, she is definitely the perfect millennial endorser to be chosen for the country’s leading cosmetics brand, Ever Bilena, which she believes helps her greatly in making sure she looks her best in every appearance, on TV, in real life or online. 

     The most important thing about being in the public eye is to make sure you give it your best shot – whether it’s in your performance, your fashion sense or your looks. As Loisa explains, “I want to look my best and give my best performance all the time, because it’s the only way to thank and inspire my fans and followers to continue supporting me.” 

To learn more about Ever Bilena and its products, visit their website www.everbilena.com.ph
Like them on Facebook:  Ever Bilena Cosmetics

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