Say YES to a Post Holiday Bikini Body with Nannic RF

Friday, January 08, 2016

     Hi dearies! I presume many of us, yes including me gained an extra weight after eating a bunch of calories last holiday season. I'm slowly but surely limiting the sugar and sweet treats this month to help me lose a pound or two.      

     Resolutions to work out more and to shed off extra holiday pounds are now easier to achieve, thanks to Nannic Radio Frequency NBE 800, the only “capacitive” RF that’s totally safe, target-specific, and with the added benefits of detoxification. This New Year, look better, feel lighter, and simply be more confident by availing the 5+1 Slim and Firm promotional package throughout January 2016. More details about this promo below :)
Say YES to a Post Holiday Bikini Body with Nannic RF
     A Belgian technology exclusively offered and distributed by Europeanne Aesthetics and Clinique Esthetique, this revolutionary technology not only uses a powerhouse machine--it’s also the only RF in the Philippine market using serum specific or known as the Nannic cell-identical formula that’s organic and with similar components of our skin’s phospholipid bilayer designed to address every concern from cellulite, lifting, acne, to slimming, invented and formulated by Belgian Molecular Biologist Mr. RenĂ© Nagels. 
Say YES to a Post Holiday Bikini Body with Nannic RF
     Using a highly credible and European standard-approved RF machine, its “capacitive” quality possesses a powerful dose of energy well targeted for a specific area without harming our body’s vital organs with zero risk of burning the skin. And thankfully, its sophisticated and compact design is completely comfortable for the client and comes with the added benefits of optimal simulation of the lymphatic. Simply put, it detoxifies, de-stresses, and increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood in the whole system for every Nannic RF session. Another feature of the machine for your peace of mind is the disposable protection cap that makes the treatment hygienic and totally safe. 
Say YES to a Post Holiday Bikini Body with Nannic RF
Actress Snooky Serna is a proud NANNIC Radiofrequency (RF) client for its anti-aging benefits that’s totally painless and nonsurgical
     The importance of firm, toned, and healthy looking skin when losing weight (or when you lost weight) can’t be emphasized enough, that’s why this treatment is also an effective aid to enhance your features and lift saggy parts of the face. In addition, those who are looking for ways to take off good amount of years on the face or reverse signs of aging, this highly potent, non-invasive treatment without side effects is a dramatic solution for lifting and contouring.

For more information
  Nannic Skin Care Solutions is exclusively distributed by two clinics:

Europeanne Aesthetics
Unit G8, BSA Suites Condominium, #103 C. Palanca Street,
Legaspi Village, Makati
Contact 8319290 or 09201365303

023 Pres. Laurel Highway, Darasa, 
Tanauan City, Batangas 
Contact (043) 7782428 or 09398792854

Clinique Esthetique 
1670 UG Victoria One Bldg., Quezon Avenue, South Triangle, QC
Contact (02) 374-7068 or 0999-150-3184

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