High Protein Food Sources For Vegetarian

Saturday, May 02, 2015

     One of the problems associated with having a vegan or vegetarian diet is the fact that it is quite difficult to get all the protein that the body needs. However, statistics show the fact that Americans actually eat too much protein. The truth is that vegetarians can get all the protein that is necessary and the reason why that does not happen is a lack of information about the high protein food sources that are perfect for vegetarians. Because of this, here are some of the best sources available. 
High Protein Food Sources For Vegetarian
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Legumes – Lentils – Beans

      Absolutely all of these are great in a vegetarian diet so you can choose any or all. Examples of what you should absolutely consider include Indian dhal, kidney beans, vegetarian chili, chickpea hummus, split pea soup and black beans. As a simple example, one kidney beans cup (canned) includes around 13 grams of protein. It is really easy to find legumes, lentils and beans in grocery stores. 
High Protein Food Sources For Vegetarian

     Tofu is a great source of protein, just as soy milk is. We even see bodybuilders that are vegetarian choose soy sources for the protein based supplements that they use. You can also try tempeh and TVP as soy foods that are protein-rich. To make matters even more interesting, many of the soy foods include great quantities of vitamin B12, iron and calcium. One half cup of tofu includes around 10 grams of protein and soy milk will offer 7 grams if you drink one cup. 
High Protein Food Sources For Vegetarian
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Quinoa – Whole Grains

     When looking for protein sources for vegetarians, you need to take a look at whole grains, with quinoa being the best possible option. The alternative if you do not find quinoa at the grocery store is kaniwa. You will love the fact that one cooked quinoa cup includes 18 g of protein, together with 9 g fiber. To make matters even more attractive for vegetarians, whole grains are really cheap. 
High Protein Food Sources For Vegetarian
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Nuts And Seeds

     Almost all nuts include high quantities of protein. Examples that have to be mentioned are peanuts, almonds, walnuts and cashews. Seeds like sunflower seeds and sesame seeds also have good protein quantities. You can use them as an occasional snack or after your workout. If you do not like the taste, you can also consider nut putters. 2 peanut butter tablespoons offer around 8 g of protein. 
High Protein Food Sources For Vegetarian

     Tempeh is basically made out of soybeans that are slightly fermented and then cooked. A patty results. It is quite similar to the firm veggie burger. Similar to seitan and tofu, protein content is high and can be then cooked in so many ways. If you want to reduce the consumption of meat or you are a vegetarian, this is obviously something that has to be considered. 
High Protein Food Sources For Vegetarian
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     All that you really need to do is to learn all that you can about the various opportunities that are available when you need protein in your diet as a vegetarian. The only real problem appears in the fact that it is sometimes difficult to find what you need. If that is the case, you can always use protein supplements, which is an option you do want to take into account.


  1. Good to know,Thanks for sharing this infos.Glad my son eats veggies.

  2. Glad I stumbled upon this. Stay fit with the right is not easy you have to really consider your source of protein. Some rely on the usual like soy and grains. Peanuts are good source to and good for snack. Green leafy vegetables are also great source. For me I stick to organically grown food and fresh fish, no meat or processed food.

    1. Hi Kristina, thank you so much for sharing your insights about the post. Nice to know that you're into organically grown food. It's a bit expensive correct me if I'm wrong but it's way healthy right?

  3. Wow, its my first time to know what tempeh is. Not a vegetarian but my parents trained me to eat healthy foods with sooo much veggies and fruits. Glad they do that, lucky to have a health conscious parents. Hehe. Now, were into organic ones. We even have our own veggies on our backyard lol.


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